Thursday, July 17, 2008

Salome (Lupi Lykin) - Palace Dancer

KoS Name: Salome
SL Name: Lupi Lykin

The story of my family starts in the earldom of walis, as one of the sun of the lords fall in love to a gypsy girl.
No, that were not my parents, but let's start here, because I like that story so much (my father often told me, when I was a child)
This couple got a daughter, a real child of love, who they called Lupinia.
As the child was not of pure nobility the couple choosed, that she got raised in the woods together with her stepbrother Hechmet.
These two kids were like blood brothers. And they had a common purpose:"freedom and peace for all". Several events, which would fill a book, lead to the fact that Lupinia got a Lady of Walis and the leader of a big fabrics trade.
Well, it would be a romantic story if I could say "happily ever after", but unfortunatly it wasn't like that.
Allthough Lupinia was very successfull for a long time she got overwhelmed one day by some enemies and died a hero's death. For sure Hechmet took revenge for her, but anyway, dead is dead.

More then 10 years later this former gypsy boy and freedom fighter came to the Kingdom of Sands with a little daughter.
And this was me.
He had choosen this place because it was the region, where his stepsister, who he obviosly admired very much (from where I would have all this stories), started to trade with silk.
Even he travelled very much without me he was a good father and took care for my education. He really wanted to make a lady out of me. I was mainly interested in dancing and I used every minute I had time to practise, I danced until my feet hurted. He especially put emphasis on learning how to behave in the higher rankes.
Today I know why, because he encouraged me to apply to the court and this was the best I ever did in life.

I was very fearfull at the beginning, but the generosity of her highness the Sultana was that high, that my self confidence grew up very fast. Today it is totally clear that I dedicate my life to her highness and the court.

I know, that there is still a secret about her mother, but as father avoids to speak about, I did not ask further. And there is no time for the past. I focuse on the one and only most important thing in my life: To create pleasure with my dances for the royal family, show them high respect and teach others to follow my example!

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