Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Group Meetings - Rules - July 31, 7am-11am

Kingdom of Sand
Group Meetings
Project: Rules

I think that it has been a while since we first wrote he rules down. We added many notices to clarify some points. However there are still many conflict areas that create confusion and disinformation. So you are welcome to partecipate and help me to identify those conflictual point (or blank areas).

WHERE: Event Tent in the SKY. Teleport available at the entrance next to the red jars
WHEN : Tomorrow July 31, 2008
- Preys Meeting at 7:00 AM LST
- Predators Meeting at 8:00 AM LST (all predators group)
- Knight Meeting at 9:00 AM LST
- Citizen Meeting at 10:00 AM LST (both citizens and palace)


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