Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aizen Wind - Undead

Aizen Wind

Age: Unkown

A thousand years ago before Ireem ever existed, there was a Temple called Temple of Cuthah, where prophets and priests worshiped a god called Nergal, god of the underworld and diety of the sun. Aizen was one of the priests here who survived the longest...taking care of the temple as the others died off, he was so dedicated that he sold his soul for the Gift of Nergal...immortality.. Being turned undead he was granted many powers, those of which can turn others into undead and even take more powerful forms... Many decades past as he protected the temple which an additional catacombs was build.. In which he buried the dead..as he had much respect for them..
Later a city called Ireem was built as the temple faded into nothing but ruins as the catacombs remained...as humans lived above, the did nothing but caused trouble throughout the day, fighting their useless battles and showing no respect to their ancestors below. Aizen became furious and created a cult where he would turn the willing into undead to gain revenge against the humans during the nights. As of now..he still lives below in the catacombs...hoping some day or night he can bring forth his god to the human world to bring judgement.

Personality and Traits:

Gentle and kind until angered or disrespected ...which happens often....who would be kind against the walking dead anyways..


Most humans unless they respect Nergal

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