Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Akron Rosenstrauch - Prey/Slave

KOS Name: Iecunos of Nubia, Akron Rosenstrauch

SL Name: Akron Rosenstrauch

Age: unknown

Role: Prey/Slave

Unable to stamp the memory of the free flowing Nile River from her mind, nor the sight of crocodiles sun bathing in the sand or cranes fishing in the water, Iecunos remembers her homeland. She was an exceptional child, born to a sailor and the daughter of a merchant in ancient Nubia. She was faster and stronger than most children were and grew quickly from infanthood. Within a year, she was the size of a five year old and could easily formulate complete sentences. However, such a gift came with a heavy price, a thirst for blood. Her parents, knowing what she truly was and that was an Asasabonsam (an African vampire), managed to keep this a secret by providing her with the blood of livestock and she grew healthy and happy. It was believed that she was a minor goddess, as no one truly knew what she was, all Nubian citizens treated her with respect and dignity and her parents never had to go for want.

Years passed, great social distress rocked the lands of Nubia, Pharaohs from the north sent armies to invade the south and the land of Egypt began to form and knowledge and lively hood of Nubia began to fade. Wars, death, poverty and inhumane conditions became the norm. Wounded in the outburst of one melee, Iecunos awoke to find herself shackled and healing in the bowels of a ship and in the company of one shady occupant. A man who did not speak her language, who did not look like the people she knew. She feared for the worst and the worst did come. His name was Gaston Rosenstrauch and since he could not pronounce her name, he called her Akron and tagged on his last name, as she was his property. She intrigued Gaston. Being seen as an abomination to his God, he called her nosferatus and beat her mercilessly when he found that she could heal for he was a sadistic man. She was feed very little to keep her weak, for even though she was powerless in captivity, he feared her. To earn money and profit from her Gaston set her on display, paraded her around city after city and let paying men do the unspeakable to her.

It happened one day that Gaston’s ship docked at the shores of the city of Ireem. He bed Iecunos that night and forgot to chain her back, she though quickly and seized this opportunity to rip out his throat and gorge on his blood, leaving his dry husk to rot in the bowels of a vessel that would remain a memory of dark foreboding hell.

In the land of Ireem, Iecunos wonders the sands in search for others like herself, all she has yet to find are humans, among which some men like Gaston thrive and the Undead languor about below. Iecunos does not fully understand the Undead or their ways. It seems such a pity that they could not come out in the light and see what humanity had to offer. She does not fully understand the relation between humans and the Undead, but between the two, she feels she will find the answer to unlock her true self and understand what it is that she truly is. It seems she walks a fine line between the Undead and humans, risking being disliked by both sides. It could be that she is a hybrid of either humans or the Undead, as she is relatively young and new to the world.

Since her liberation from Gaston, she has reverted to her given name and denounced the usage of Akron Rosenstrauch. The only mark left by him is the sadomasochistic and warped state of mind that she struggles to control. Thus with her feet carrying her across the sands and blinking away sadness from eyes full of memories of a home since lost and a family since demolished, Iecunos shall never return to Nubia for fear of the rash truth of destruction and thus have resorted to make Ireem her home.

Character traits and personality:

Appears to be shy, timid and introverted until reckoned with, than she releases the lash of a thousand tongues. Her feistiness and manners of teasing and taunting has gotten her in a many tight binds as Iecunos is used to a civilization of which she was at the near top of the heirarchy.

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