Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Royal Palace events

Royal Palace events in the Works:

Palace Players Party - Fri July 18 at 2:30pm - 6:00pm SLT

This private VIP Palace affair will be held in the sky tent and will allow the Palace players to get to know one another in and out of character. So bring your character backstories on notecards so you can hand them out :-) We will go over the Palace story thread so everyone will be caught up on Palace intrigue and gossip. Lords and ladies of the Court dress in your fine attire and slip on your dancing shoes. I expect our splendid Palace performers will be on hand to provide entertainment and our lovely Harem girls will display their signiture dance moves. Hopefully Sassy our Palace Physician will be available to offer medical aid should anyone become over heated. If we are lucky our Palace Prophet Severus will be kind enough to share some of his visions and discuss is now all to famous amulets. Don't worry about anyone crashing our party the highly skilled Royal Guards will be on hand to see to our safety. So be ready to eat , drink and party. This event is tentatively set for Fri July 18th running from 2:30PM SL time until about 6:00PM SL time. Try to join us for some good times in and out of character.


Harem Inauguration - Sat July 19 at 12:00 PM SLT (until late night)
The Sultana has declared that the Palace will host a celebration since the Harem remodel is completed. She invites all the Court and her Royal guests to come and enjoy fine food, drink and entertainment. The Lovely harem girls, dancers and our Palace entertainers will see to the amusements of the guests. The Party will be limited to the viewing room. The upper floor housing the harem and pool will remain closed to any guests who are not already provided with access That said you know how the Mistress of the Harem is ..always looking for an opportunity to make some slavers , bedus, Knights, Magi--- if you wish to sample the forbidden fruit you will need to sneak , in, conceal your true identity and bring some coin to plump up the Harem Mistresses purse. This event is a extended event starting at 12PM SL and running through the evening until the party dies down Sat , 19th


Knights Royal Banquet and Festivities
The Sultanas graciousness knows no bounds, Knights will be invited to an evening at the Palace to enjoy the abundace of the Place. Dinner followed by entertainment from the Palace Harem Girls, Dancers and Musicians. The Wine will flow and so will the love. Cuddle , snuggle and hugs with extra pose balls all around...Who knows Harem Mistress may even feel a little generous decide to slip you into the Harem for a private Party. Hugh Heffner did not really invent anything new after all ....Who needs the Mansion when you have a Palace ? Date to be determined

(notecard by Jacqueline Aluveaux)

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