Monday, July 21, 2008

Cady Illyar - Royal Harem Slave

Name: Cady Illyar

Role: Royal Harem Slave

The daughter of a rich Briton/Merchant, Cady grew up a cossetted and pampered 'princess'. She knows nothing of the hardships of life, always receiving what she wishes for, from fine clothing to delicious food.

But the one thing she wanted was the one thing her father would always deny her, she wanted to see the world, experience the wide vast oceans and see what her father and brothers saw. Of course being a girl and the only daughter, her father expected nothing from her but to look pretty and to marry well - the marriage would of course be more beneficial to him than to her but this is a daughters place in the world...

Tired of begging to see more of the world Cady ran away from her cossetted life and stowed away on one of her fathers ships. managing to stay hidden she got halfway around the world before she was found by one of her fathers men, this man told her he would tell her father she was there and she would be ruined and forced to marry him ... unless she gave herself to him, if she did this he would let her stay hidden until she was able to 'jump ship'.

After days of refusal, the sailor caught her on deck getting some air late one night and after she refused him again - she pointed out she would rather face her fathers wrath than give herself to him - he tried to rape her. After a struggle Cady bruised and battered hit her head and fell overboard...

Washed up days later on the shores of Ireem, she has no idea of where she is and found she could not understand the voices around her. Trying to stay hidden she manages to stay alive by stealing scraps of food where she can and tries to acoid the 'bad men' she has seen taking other girls from the area.

Cady is too delicate for a life of struggle and knows in her heart she is better than the scavenger she has become, but she just cannot remember, and thus she is thought to be 'too proud' and 'too stubborn' by the other girls and the people she tried to find work with.

Her only hope for survival is if the sailor tells her father what happened to her, which is never going to happen, he was the only person who even knew she was on the ship - or if she manages to find board and lodgings with people who will at least be fair if not kind to her...

But even in her confused state Cady knows this is unlikely to happen and the best she can do is to avoid slavery ... for now.

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