Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trent Lonergan - Librarian of Ireem

Name: Trent Lonergan

Age: 33

Group: Citizen

Occupation: Librarian of Ireem
Librarian of Ireem, custodian of all knowledge in Ireem. Both Local and from foreign lands. The library has many tomes on numerous topics. Open to all who will learn and expand their views of the world.

Quiet, soft spoken and slightly intreverted. Has a dark humor about him and a sharp whit. Rarely angered, but pray you never see the lightning flash through his eyes. A true and loyal friend who judges not what others do, as long as it does not harm others.
Has a true thirst for knowledge and spends most his days researching as well as training his body in preperation so it may never need to be used.
Being peace loving he is rarely in fights but be warned wrong those he cares for or the helpless and he will defend them
relentlessly. He sheds blood only as a last resort.

Background Story:
Possibly the last clansman of Draconis from the land of Dál Fiatach.
These were proud warrior philosophers, in tune with nature and the heavens. Their martial skill was renownd throughout the land as was their learned knowledge of nature, heavens & mankind. Much so that it brought their downfall. Albeit a peace loving clan only intersted in protecting the meek and being in harmony with all living beings.

This did not sit well with the local rulers, who feared and envied their skills and knowledge. Wrongly accused of plotting against the crown. They were hunted down and put to the sword, not wanting to spill the blood of their kinsmen, they fled to lands far away. But were chased relentlessly.

Over time their number diminished and Lonergan lost touch with the last of his clan. Never married or with children, his escape was less perilous than that of others. Mananing to get onboard a tradeship destined to the east he made good his exit and now comes to reside in Ireem.

His love for knowledge and nature gaining him a the Librarianship of Ireem. Here he has found a sad peace.
Sharing his knowledge and keeping his clan alive in memory with all that will listen and learn.

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