Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Citizens RP Rules (Non-Palace)

(posted by Sassy Jaxxon)


Citizens, as a group, are neutral. We are neither Prey nor Predator. We do not form alliances with any other group. Individual Citizens, of course, have friends and relationships with other members. Because of this, personal alliances may be made. For instance, you are friends with a Bedouin and s/he vows to protect you from other Predators. But, as a group, we are neutral and do not get involved with faction disputes.

1] Citizens may only draw their swords and fight in battle IF...
--- Predators are attacking anyone INSIDE the city walls. The city is our "camp" and we have the right to defend it, and each other, just like the other groups defend their camps. Please keep in mind that the Dungeon and Magi groups have camps in opposite corners of our city so don't be suspicious when you see one of them walking around.
--- You have been attacked (self-defense).
--- A fellow Citizen has been defeated in battle and the Predator refuses to release him/her. You may fight for his/her freedom. But if you lose, you are captured as well. :)) Knights are still able to fight for us, as well, if s/he chooses.
--- Citizens may NOT attack Predators to free Slaves or Knights. Nor may they attack Predators who are simply visiting the city or walking to their camps.
--- Citizens may challenge anyone at any time to arena combat.

2] Citizens may not capture Slaves. If you want to chase, you should consider switching to a Predator role. I know its been done in the past by switching to a Predator meter then back again, but it does not make sense and our meters do not allow us to capture. You may, however, roleplay a slave purchase and have him/her use a titler stating "Owned by...." and disable their meter to prevent a Predator from catching him/her.

3] Citizens are Citizens. Period. I know, in the past, we have switched tags when we are bored. But this does not make sense either. A weaver cannot run through the desert, be a Slave for a bit, then go back to their role. Its just not good RP and is confusing for everyone. If you are bored with your role and want to switch groups, notify me ASAP so I can assign your role to someone else. If you want a new role, contact me and we'll work together to find you something new.

You're a Citizen. Be true to your role and get creative with it! :))

*~sassy Jaxxon~*
Physician and Citizen Group Leader
update version 1.3

--approved by Kora Zenovka--

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Frank said...

Sassy, may Citizens challenge Preds to fighting contests in the Arena, to gain (or lose!) skills in the scimitar? If not, is the only way for a Citizen to gain skills to wait for a Pred to try to snatch a Prey inside the City walls, or to be attacked by Preds?

~ Frank ~