Friday, July 18, 2008

SugarKane Twine - Prey/Slave

SugarKane Twine
Age: 22

SugarKane arrived in Ireem only to find herself abused, imprisoned, raped, hungry, defenseless and alone.

SugarKane, 22, came to Ireem on a boat that held many woman who were captured while traveling abroad with their families. Once the ship docked in Ireem, she thought she was being hired to serve as a maid. Not being able to understand the language in which these people spoke, she soon found herself enslaved by her employer.

Sugar's weight dropped dramatically after she came to Ireem. Awakened daily at 4:00 AM, she was forbidden to eat before 5:00 PM. Even then, she was only allowed to drink unpurified water with her meager meals. Locked inside all day, she was unable to search for assistance.
The day came when she was left alone to fetch the water, her she made her escape.. running fast and hard into the desert where she hid for 2 days before venturing back into the city.

Sugar ended up wandering the streets of Ireem in tears. With one eye swollen and a bump rising on her forehead, she rubbed the red marks on her neck, signs that "Madam" had, on many occasions, pulled Sugar's hair and banged her head against the wall. Clasping her well-worn dress, she sobbed as she recalled her mistress stripping her down to her underwear and beating her thin body. Sugar's tied hands prevented her from defending herself. The pain became even more unbearable when she was thrown to the floor and trod on repeatedly. "I wanted to throw myself from the roof of the building top! I'd rather die than go on like this." She swore to herself and to her god, that she would never be anyone's slave.

She often goes unnoticed, giving her the opportunity to wander within the city. Stealing beautiful clothing from time to time, making herself appear as though she belonged. She often finds work as a dancer, earning her enough money to survive. To this day you will see her, quiet and timid and ready to flee her next capture. Praying for the day her family finds her and takes her home. Until that day she will do what she must, to survive the harsh desert and the people that are eager to enslave her.


Anneliese Wolfenhaut said...

Sugar -- I just want to mention that you NEVER go "unnoticed".


Harrey Parkin said...

Sugar, thank you for all your help!