Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jak Kruh - Dungeon Keeper

Born and raised in the city of Ireem, Jak is the bastard child of tavern maid, never having known his father. As a boy he worked taking the mounts of guests at the inn to the stable down the street and tending them for whatever coppers he could get. Teased mercilessly by the other children for having no father, Jak continually had to fight to show his worth, often winning, sometimes limping home bruised and beaten, it hardened him at an early age.

His fighting, hearing the exciting tales told by travelers at the inn, seeing their shining swords and mighty mounts, watching the guards as they patrolled the city, shaped his world and, as soon as he could escape the stables he enlisted in the city guard for proper weapons training and joined the ranks of the dungeon keepers and city patrol. Not always one to follow the rules, he was often in trouble and advanced slowly but after years of service finally came to head the dungeon after the mysterious disappearance of the former boss.

The guard administration was leery of the assignment, and the men under him wary of his temper, slow to rise but explosive when aroused, but Jak was known now as one to get the job done, regardless of odds.

Now he is known about the city, and those who teased him as a child find excuses to be elsewhere when he makes his rounds. He garners the respect of the citizens, though through fear or admiration is questionable. It matters not to him, as long as they treat him with the respect he longed for in his childhood and never received. He has built a household, and enjoys the peace and comfort it provides when not on duty. He is always ready to defend the city that raised him, though in secret, desires to travel to other lands and discover who his father is and take him to task for why he abandoned Jak and the troubles it caused that have followed him throughout his life.

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