Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mary Meek - Royal Harem Girl

Name: Mary – gained the nickname “Meek” as a joke
(SL Name): Mary Meek

Age: 19

Occupation: Royal Harem Girl

Brief background story of your character:

She had a somewhat impoverished upbringing. Born into a family with three daughters already, she found herself in a hectic but loving environment. They all did their best to help family to scrape by. Her parents would work hard to find goods to sell in the market, her older sisters took in clothes to wash and mend.
Mary, however, preferred to take a less conventional route. She organised a small gambling business in a back alley way, betting on who anything and everything. She was eleven at the time and made a small fortune. Or at least what seemed to be a fortune to an eleven year old.
Years went by and they all lived happily enough. However the coming of twins brought two extra mouths to feed and with it poverty. Things got desperate. Debts were stacking up sky high and, despite all their best efforts, they weren’t getting any smaller. In the end Mary decided to take the issue into her own hands.
Options for young fifteen year old girl were limited, so she ended up bargaining with her father’s debtors. In return for the cancelling out of debts, she agreed to be theirs to sell off at the nearest cities slave auction. It was a small price to pay to help out her family.
As soon as the deal had been made she was whisked away. They didn’t want to waste any time arguing with the family. Mary was happy enough to go along with it. She’d have liked to have said her goodbyes but the lure of unknown adventures to be had overcame her regrets.
Reality soon came in to burst her bubble. Servitude did not suit her. The monotony of household chores dragged on endlessly as did serving drinks to the same group of balding windbags night after night. She only stayed there as long as she did due to expansive library her owner had. But there was only so much she can take.
A well executed escape, a few hundred miles of travelling and she came to the outskirts of the City of Ireem. She spent months quite happily getting by how she could. Her new found freedom was something to revel in. But even that grew tedious eventually.
And so she allowed herself to be taken in by a slaver. A few days of intense training and she was bundled off to the Harem. Having passed the selection process, she set about making herself comfortable in her new home.
As time went by she found herself getting attached to someone. She knew of the strict rules in place prohibiting her from doing so but nevertheless went out of her way to spend time with him. She keeps his identity a well kept secret but suspicions will no doubt eventually come to the surface when she refuses to offer the more intimate services expected from her as a Royal Harem Girl.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Happy to serve and help those she likes but makes no attempt to hide her dislike for someone. Atrociously bad liar whose occasional amateur dramatics are really quite dreadful to behold. Often playful and boisterous. If a chocolate ends up on someone’s chair, staining their clothes horribly, chances are she had something to do with it.
Quick to judge people and treats people accordingly. A high station in life will do nothing to save you from her scorn, if she decides you deserve it. Similarly if she takes a liking to you, she won’t hesitate in going to extreme methods to show this. These sorts of methods, such a waking people up in the early hours of the morning with out of tune serenading, are sometimes harder to put up with then her scorn.
A fondness for gambling. Prefers to bet with things more interesting than money. Exceedingly competitive. Tends to be sarcastic but enjoys baffling people with her often ridiculous sense of humour. Favours those with a wit similar to her own who are willing to be silly once in a while.
A definite risk taker who enjoys flouting rules left, right and centre. As long as she doesn’t get caught. She has a large array of disguises to her help in that respect. Always looking for a new project to keep herself occupied, whether it’s badgering the Palace Guards to let her give them a make over or searching out secret passages to get out of the palace.

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