Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Count Jean de Mulfort (Daniel Nakamori) - Visiting Royal

Count Jean de Mulfort : Visiting Royal AKA Jean de Mulfort

(SL Name: Daniel Nakamori)

A handsome young French Count visiting his old school mate and close friend the Prince Omar from the Powerful Kingdom North of Ireem. decides extend his travels and seek adventure beyond his friends Kingdom.

Facinated by the beauty of Ireem he decides to linger awhile taking in the beauty of the Palace and it's inhabitants. He is young handsome, wealthy and somewhat bored with the duties of his Royal title. That said however, position has its privledges and he is more than happy to use it to his advantage.

As traveling royals are apt to do he calls upon the Sultana to formally introduce himself and she welcomes him to the Palace. The Sultana enjoys the foreigner with his unusal manner of dress and speech. Charming, intelligent and possessing a raw power that is softened by his impecable manners and easy smile he cuts a dashing figure and pleases the Sultana with his ammusing antidotes and tales from his life as a noble abroad.

The Sultana is also quite pleased to discover his close ties to Ireems neighbor to the North ..a Kingdom vast in it's riches and military strength.... A kingdom reputed to be under the rule of Powerful and fearless Sultan. Forming an Alliance with such a Ruler would strengthen Ireems position as a political and military force. she eagerly questions her royal visitor - hoping to learn all that she can about the Sultans Kingdom.

It is during one of her many conversations with the young Count that the Sultana discovers that his friend Prince Omar is as of yet unmarried. She begins to consider the possiblity of Royal Marriage ..yes indeed the kind of marriage to bind the two kingdoms together. She asks the Count to do her a great favor. Assist her in negotiating a match between her eldest niece and his friend.

At first the Count resists the notion of meddling in his friends affairs...least of all trying to press him into marriage. still the Princess is fair enough to look upon , intellegent and charming ..A Prince could do far worse.

Studing the Sultana he decides. Smiling he lifts the cup of steaming coffee to his lips, taking a sip and considering his words before at last speaking. "Yes Sultana, why no? I can see no reason that I should stand in the way of such a mutually benificial match. Indeed, I can only imagine that such a proposition would be well met by the Sultan, considering he wishes to see his son married.

Leaning back in his chair and balancing the delicate china cup on his hard thigh he again considers his words. 'As for the Prince.. I must warn you that while my good friend is not averse to marriage per say ..he may prove a little stubborn to having his bride choosen for him. However that said my friend would be a fool to cross his father and that I can assure you Sultana, he is not. Omar may be brash , brave and capable of slaying dragons but he is not so bold as to disregard his fathers directives. He will do his duty. If you can win the Sultan to your notion- You will have your match and your alliance.

The Count is not a lightweight dandy to be toyed with . The contrary his charming deemener can create a false sense of security with those of malicious intent. He is honest ,mostly direct and noblel despite his rebelious nature. He has no shortage of admiring females and enjoys his flirtations and his liberty tremendously .. He sees no reason to leave the region anytime soon and is expected to be a frequent guest at the Palace.

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