Friday, July 25, 2008

Game Release v 0.10 Update

Release v.0.10 (tonight or tomorrow morning)
New features:

  • TRANSFER K$: now you can transfer K$ to other players. Just click on 'More...' on the HUD, and follow instructions
  • ADDED DJINN: Djinn group has been added to the predator group, and the djinn realm has been added as their safezone.
  • IREEM TAXES: All players will have to pay Ireem Taxes in K$ (either everybody or by group). Taxes can be a flat rate or as a percentage of your current earnings.
  • SUICIDE OPTION REMOVED: when captured, you cannot suicide anymore (see Ransom Fee)
  • UNCAPTURE OPTION REMOVED: when captured, a prey cannot just uncapture herself (see Ransom Fee)
  • RANSOM FEE PAYMENT: if you get captured or lose a fight, you have the option to pay a ransom fee of 50K$. The beneficiary will get paid if he is within 20 m of distance. If you pay and you are a prey, you will automatically become free. If you are not a prey, you will also lay down on the ground for 3 minutes.
  • APARTMENT RENTAL: you will now be able to rent apartments with K$ in the dwelling area. Since there is high demand, the announcement of available apartments will show up on the HUD (so if you are in the SIM, you will be able to have first choice). All apartments will become available during this weekend at different time of the day, randomly.
  • CAPTURING WILL PAY K$: Since predators don't usually get a job at Ireem, they will get paid 20K$ for each prey captured;
  • PREYS WILL BE GIVEN TO THE WINNER: If you win a fight, you will also get all loser's preys who are within 100 meters. If you are a knight and save a slave from his/her capturer, the property of the slave will be given to you (but then of course, we all expect you to give the slave the freedom back). If you are a prey and don't want to be given away to the winner, you will need to go and run farther tan 100m from the fight.
  • LESS CHEATING: to reduce the risk of cheating, you cannot capture the same prey or fight the same player twice in a row. If you try it, you won't be able to capture or kill.
  • KILL option: This is mostly a bugfix, but if the winner of a fight decide to kill you, you will lay on the floor for 3 minute deadly wounded, and then recover with 15% of health rate.
  • DIFFERENT COLOR: Each predator meter will have a different color.
  • HIDE HUD: The HUD was reduced in size. Also a button let you hide/show the message buttons
  • ADDED MAP TO THE HUD: the button is enabled.
  • ADDED GAME NAME: if you use a different name to play here, you can now add it when you run the setup from the HUD
  • KNIGHT SAFEZONE: The knights safezone was added to the mapping
  • SALARY FOR KNIGHTS: Knights will receive a salary of 12K$/hour from the City of Ireem to protect the city and their citizens.
  • OOC CHAT: When you speak in OOC terms, please type '/22 ' in front of your sentences in local chat. It is preferably that you send IMs when you are in OOC (Out of Character), but if must use the local chat, use this feature.
  • EASIER TO HIT WITH SCIMITAR: The code has changed, and it should work better. There are two styles: Type '/100 style 1' in local chat for using the same animations and style of the old sword. Type '/100 style 2' to use new animations and style.
  • DAMAGE POWER goes from 2 to 4, depending on your skillsrate


  • Prey meter was giving a listens too many error if prey was frozen for a long time [ok]
  • Prey meter was still allowing capture when disabled [ok]
  • Other meters was still allowing damage when disabled [ok]
  • Prey meter was still green when disabled (instead of grey) [ok]
  • Fixed part of mapping of the palace (some of the palace was 'dungeon') [ok]
  • Fixed the level 'gender' (some levels were showing the feminine words instead of the male one) [ok]

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