Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Daisy Brandris - Prey/Slave

SL Name: Daisy Brandris

Role: Prey/Slave

Daisy's story

It was short journey but all journies are dangerous for women in this age. and so my father arranged for a strong escort for me. guards fuly aremd and sworn to protect me even to death. Three days to my uncles home, and the wedding of my cousin, inside the borders of my own land an with all these guards what coud happen. My fathers sworn enemy happened!
I can hear the sound of fighting, men swear and grunt and scream and some groan in agony, and I sit there, hidden from view behind the silken curtains, my heart beating so fast I fear it will burst. I know that soon I will have to step out to survey the defeat of my entourage, the bodies of my guards lying dead around the palanquin, and my Fathers greatest enemy triumphant, now he has me, and I am to be his hostage and his instrument of revenge, I don’t want to show fear, I must be strong and defy this tyrannical and murderous man. I gather my courage and make sure my veil is in place, my head covered and pull aside the curtains and step gracefully out into the scene of carnage.
He treated me better than I expected under the circumstances, I was not raped by his men, only by him, I was he explained, too valuable for common soldiers to defile, but he wanted to ensure that I was opened and that my value was diminished as a result. We travelled for many days after my capture, I was hidden from the view of all by the robes he insisted I wore, my face always covered by a veil, my hands always bound and tethered to his horse. At night I would be used by him in his tent and then locked in a tiny cage outside, with guards always in attendance on me. There was no escape possible.
One day, I had lost count of how many since my capture, I was brought to his tent and expected to be used once more, and I was used by him, and as I had experienced for some time, I liked the use he made of me. My revulsion had given way to some kind of joy at the pleasure he made me feel, perhaps because it was the only relief from the fear and humiliation of my captivity. Afterwards however he did not have me caged, I was allowed to lay at the foot of his couch and sleep in some kind of comfort. In the morning he spoke to me.
We are in The Kingdom of sand, a place where I always intended to bring you. It is far, far away from your homeland, and you have no chance of ever returning there. I want your father to be in ignorance of your fate, not to know if you live or are dead, so that anguish and misery will follow him to his grave. So that he will never know what became of his beautiful, beloved daughter, and will imagine that the worse horrors have befallen her. I have had my fill of you girl, and I could sell you into slavery I suppose, but perhaps one day I may fall into your fathers hands, and under torture tell him you were sold as a slave, better I do not know what your fate is either. We will leave you here, to survive as best you can, perhaps you will make a life for yourself here, perhaps you will be enslaved, it is in the hands of god. This is a dangerous place girl, there are many ruthless people here who would view a girl such as you as a valuable thing, to be owned and traded and used of course. So we will ride away, and you may try to follow us, but you should remember the desert we have crossed to get to this place. You have no water, no food, and only the brief clothing you now wear, you will die if you try to follow us. Over those dunes is the city of Ireem, there you may survive, or you may not, it is all a matter of fate.
I knew he was right, I could not follow him, I could never keep pace with the horses, and if I ventured far into the desert, then death was almost certain. But the city, this Ireem, what waited for me there, danger of course, but at least a chance of life. I waited as they rode away, they did not look back, and when they had gone from view I turned and climbed the nearest dune, and from its summit I saw the walls and towers of what must be Ireem in the distance. I began my walk toward it, full of fear, yet full of hope and some excitement too.

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