Thursday, July 17, 2008

Arzach Zeevi - Atlantean Scribe

Name (Full SL Name): Arzach Zeevi

Age: appears to be 40

Your occupation: Atlantean Scribe

Brief background story of your character:

True Atlantean Scribe Arzach is the city's Scribe.
Slave to a mannered, cruel woman from a far distant land, the couple find intriguing work for the royal palace where she's secured for herself a position as the city Dungeon's Madame Inquisitor.
The man is rumoured to be a Magi of some sort, akin to an Alchemist and has many arcane and dangerous looking items surrounding him. Sensitives can assense the man to have a strong, silvery aura and many of his things glow with a Holy light or crackling cerulean energy.
Atlanteans are known throughout the megaverses as staunch defenders of life against undead and can detect most forms of unlife as if with a sixth sense.
He has a large cross tattooed on his back and is known to wear a leather collar at all times.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Arzach's knowledge of magic is impressive but has limits, the same as any mortal. He has X amount of magic energy and while approximately twice the human amount, he cannot exceed this limit. Many spells require components, gestures and incantations, the same as one would expect. Many are rituals requiring great preparation and time to cast. He is loathe to
use it for things more than making some item to improve RP. He knows the effects of necromantic spells but does not know the spells themselves, nor would he ever cast something relating to unlife. You will never see a fireball or some combat spell as that is quite laughable. You're far more likely to see some illusion spell bound to an item that you control the
use of or allow its use. His true specialization is the creation of magic tattoos, only a few of which are useful in a sex RP and are not handed out pell mell to every sundry person he meets. It takes a special sort of person to earn one, no more than two at a time, ever.

Atlanteans have at least two magic tattoos known as The Marks of Heritage. In RP such as this, the info is provided as an anti-twink trump card and possibly story telling device although as this is not a combat game in so much as role play environment.
Flaming sword: a magic weapon.
Skull encircled by thorns: death touch, the user glows with an eerie pale white glow and saps the victim of half their life from a simple touch.
Heart encircled by chains: invulnerability shield, glows blue and can absorb massive amounts of damage.
Skull encircled by a chain: invulnerability to psionics and mind control.
Staked heart: invulnerability to all vampiric powers.
Chain with a broken link: supernatural strength.
Again, I'd prefer to never have to pose these things. Just expect them as the
trump for the twinkery they inhibit.

Furthermore, Arzach is an Atlantean Scribe and may give elves, humans and ogres magic tattoos. The process is extremely painful and can result in various forms of insanity. This being sex RP, that might be nymphomania, Persistant Arousal Syndrome, sadism or masochism or anything you the receiving player would like after aquiring a sufficient number of them.

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