Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cai Caz-al'et (Cai Cazalet) - Knight

Name (Full SL Name): Cai Caz-al'et (Cai Cazalet)

Your group: Knight

Brief background story of your character: Some of Cai's earliest memories are of the slavers that took him for the Sultan's mamluk slave-regiment. Ever since then, he has always had a distaste for slavers and their harsh trade, although a part of him also knows that he would not have risen so high, nor fallen so low, without their sordid trade.

His hair and eyes mark him out as a rhos or varangian, from far beyond the northern mountains, but all were equal within the family of the regiment. He was an apt pupil, and rose rapidly to command his own squadron. He fought the enemies of his Amir with courage and conviction, but also with coolness and without malice. He even fought the infidel crusader knights, and recognized the honour in some and the base perfidy in others.

However his failure to prevent the death of his Amir led to his disgrace and expulsion from his regiment. Since then he has wandered far and wide, too proud either to sell his sword or to end his miserable life. Without a purpose, his life descended into a nightmare of drink and drugs. He found himself in Ireem, penniless and at the bottom of a bottle, on the death of the Sultan – a painful reminder of his own past failure. He saw then that he might redeem his honour by pledging his services to the new Sultana, acting as a guardian and protector of the city, and, where possible, of the good citizens of that city. In doing so he is even willing to stand beside the infidel knights he once fought so hard.

He has found a new meaning in his life, and is determined to succeed where he once failed. Once again he feels as strong and as fierce as a desert lion. He may not be as fast as he once was, but he has the advantage of the wisdom of his years. His new zest for life has also opened his eyes to the wonders and beauties of Ireem - the beauties of the architecture and amongst the inhabitants.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: A follower of the code of furusiyya: leads an honourable life; courageous in the face of adversity; generous to both friend and stranger; dedicated to his sworn duty; loyal to his lord. He is quiet with strangers, but open with his friends; rigorously honest, even to the point of rudeness; he holds an intense dislike of the mistreatment of slaves; a sucker for any damsel in distress.

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Cai has now become a Royal Bodayguard in the Palace.