Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shahrazad al-Anwar (Nareth Nishi) - Magi

Background for Shahrazad al-Anwar (played by Nareth Nishi)
(Dom/Predator; Magi/Warlock)

Recently, Shahrazad awoke on the scorching sands near the city of Ireem...with no memory of her past. She has wandered about the city's crowded streets, trying desperately to recall who she is, and how she received the terrible scar across her throat that seems to have rendered her almost completely mute. She recalls only vague memories of a childhood in a distant green land, which she believes may lie somewhere far across the sea. She watches the slaving ships and wonders if the answers she seeks are to be fund therein. She can speak with those who know a language of hand signs she has no recollection of ever having learned. She has felt drawn to the Magi tower, as she *does* recall her innate skill at coercing the minds of others, and her training in necromanctic arts. Her teeth are filed the sharp points, and the sight of them seems to fill others with dread and loathing. In the pocket of her shabby robes she found a ruby pendant, which she now wears. Shah dreams of demons and great birds, and she is often possessed of a terrible appetite for human flesh and blood. For now, she can only hope to find a place for herself in this unfamiliar city, and to eventually learn who she might once have been.

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