Friday, July 18, 2008

Aquilegia Gossipgirl - Bellydancer

Name: Aquilegia Gossipgirl

Position: Raks Al Shark Dancer (bellydancer)

Aquilegia's origin and ancestry are still mysterious.
She was brought to the city of Ireem at the age of 3 by a trader that rescued her from pirates who had attacked the vessel where she and her mother were traveling on.
Unfortunately her mother faced a terrible fate in the evil hands of the pirates. Aquile's life was spared though.
Right after the capture, the pirate vessel crashed into a reef and the only survivors were the few pirates who were against killing the little girl. So she became their lucky charm.
The group was rescued by other pirates who were heading the Dead Sea.

Aquilegia was wearing a piece of ancient jewelry which was noticed by one of the men on board.
This jewelry shaped in the form of a flower, which was recognised
by a Magi as being " an aquilegia specimen" , a well-known flower, used in rytuals, whose petals are sweet but seeds and roots may be toxic if consumed in high quantities. Due to that fact, she was named as "Aquilegia Girl". But so many stories and gossips were told about her origin, that she became Aquilegia Gossipgirl.

Aquilegia was being kept by them until a day when there was a battle won by Omar Toufik, a brave shipman. Omar took little Aquilegia to the city market with the intention of making money by selling her. His wife, Amina, begged him not to sell the little child and to take her as their daughter.
Omar, in respect for his wife's feelings, accepted her request and gave the little girl to her loving hands. Then Aquilegia was taken to the city and wpould live under their protection and love for many years. Amina, who had been a talented bellydancer, taught her sweet little girl the secrets of the authentic Raks Al Shark, the original dance of the desert. So Aquilegia became a skilled dancer. As Amina was concerned about Aquile's safety, she had
never allowed her to leave the city walls. Aquilegia spent years dreaming of walking on the dunes and feeling the waves of the ocean touching her clear skin.

Like a prisioner, she used her dance as a way to free her mind and soul.

Time has gone and both foster parents have passed away so she has been living by herself. Trying to survive day after day...
She got a position as a dancer at Arabesque Cafe. Once, while entertaining some knights who had returned from some battle, she got one's scimitar and started dancing with it, as a way to show that a sword may be used not only to kill, but to enchant.

So she learned that it was possible to dance everywhere and yet been safe by protecting herself with a scimitar.
She also tamed a snake and now dances with it around her body.

Aquilegia is now known as The Snake Dancer. She may be found crossing the dunes riding her horse or dancing by the cliffs watching the waves at sunset. She will be seen always alone.
Aquilegia's heart is not owned and everything she wishes is
having news about her ancestors and finding out her real name.

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