Sunday, July 20, 2008

Frank Lardner - Wealthy Merchant Prince

Name: Frank Lardner

Age: Uncertain, but mature

Occupation: Wealthy Merchant Prince

Brief background story of your character:
Born in Rome, educated in his uncle's counting-house in Venice, Frank now trades from Ireem, somewhere on the coast of Arabia. His aristocrat family turn up their noses at Frank's dealing in loans, slaves and cargos from distant lands. Yet his travels with Bedouins, Slavers, and all the races of the Middle Sea have enriched his purse as well as his sophisticated tastes. Always interested in a new experience, he enjoys tasting the spices, foods and slaves in which he deals, yet stays fit defending his cargos from thieves, spies and competitor merchants. Often found in the desert or ports in Bedo clothes, dealing for his portfolio, and snapping up bargains or unclaimed morsels left unguarded.

Personality Strengths, Traits and Flaws: Frank is urbane, sociable, humorous and sophisticated. A man with whom you can do business. His sword skills are improving, and he relishes a chance to improve them, if he has a fighting chance. A pretty girl can always turn his head, and inspire a tumble in the sand, but her head must contain more than fluff to hold his attention for long.

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Hubba hubba, what a man!