Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Riccardo Wilner - Blacksmith

Name: Riccardo Wilner
Role: Blacksmith

Raised amongst slavers, he became one himself after spending a lifetime living within all kinds of violence that humans are capable of inflicting. Tired of this life of attrocity, this unusual slaver went to seek a quiet life through what it would be his last trip in that filthy ship.

Sick of travelling and tired of dealing with human waste, all he desires now is to be left alone spending his time working and thinking about all that he has been through.... But will he stay alone for the rest of his life?

After being all over the world, he felt a strange calling. Something telling him to seek this strange and mysterious place, where beauty and evil go hand in hand. This was a feeling he had never experienced before, and months went by before he reached the land he was hoping to find. One day, he arrived at Great Ireem!

It wasn't long before he discovered the perfect occupation in the city, for him. Something to keep him busy, away from all those ghost of the past. Working with hot metal, hammering and molding iron helped him keep his sanity. He became the city's Blacksmith...

Age: Unknown.
Birthplace: Portugal
Personality: Dual
Past Background: Citizen of the world.... and a Slaver!

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