Monday, November 30, 2009

Version 0.33 is out!

There are a few tweaks in here, including a SL bug that I fixed by processing code on our external server (instead of waiting for SL to fix it ... ).
Anyway, it is not a mandatory version, but it is advisable to get it. It is available at the red jar in the game room, as usual.
Thank you.

Law & Order Skill Items

For those who are training for law & order, the new skill items now works on Delinquent and Depraved Moral Levels (below 50%).

About Food / Blood

A few things you may not know about it:
- if the food is served from a business, the owner (cash till) will receive 2$ from every item they sell.
- if you are in the wrong food type (blood instead of food and viceversa), you won't be able to buy it
- if you don't have money, you won't be able to buy it
- it will also check for your health before you pay for it, so you won't waste any money - hopefully ;-)

Food/Blood - small delay

I am changing all food/blood scripts at KOS. There will be a 20 seconds delay between paying for it, and receiving the food. You will need to wait within 10 meters from it to be able to receive what you ordered, or your food may end up to be wasted.
This was suggested by Seraf / Baal.

RP Limits in your profile

Suggested by Louisia, now your web profile has a separate section for your RP Limits (and your likes and dislikes). It is not mandatory, but if you have RP limits, it is better to write them down, to avoid OOC discussions over this.
To access your profile, click on Profile from the HUD, or, if you have picked a password, you will be able to access directly on the web.

Group Leader Elections are postponed

Several people are concerned about recent events that may compromise the fairness of the upcoming election. And I must agree. However I don't know how to do a quick fix . I was willing to show all the numbers on the web and I did, but I also see how this can be use in the wrong way.
I have always tried to have fair elections. If not, then we can just play dice and pick a random leader -- which may work too ;-). Anyway, we need to postpone elections. Sorry. I will send another notice soon.

Weapon Damage again....

I tuned the weapon's values based on Richard's suggestion. Please detach and wear your weapon again, if you are at KOS. If you think that they are unbalanced, go and beat Richard up, or/and then submit a new suggestion. Thank you.

Weapon Damage

Based on Tyr's suggestion, we have just increased the damage for all your weapons quite a lot. If you have your weapon rezzed, please wear it again to load the new setup for it.
If you think they should be tweaked them again, please submit it as suggestion (from HUD -> HELP -> SUGGESTION).
Thank you.


If you check your profile on the web, you will find the list of your current captives / prisoners / slaves...


In case you missed a previous notice, just a reminder to submit suggestions by using the HUD. Click on HELP, and then SUGGESTION. You will have to pick a password and you will see a web form. That way the suggestion won't get lost, and both Baal and I will receive it. If you send IM and notecards, they are likely to be misplaced in my 1,000,000 items inventory ;-P