Thursday, July 31, 2008

Joachim Muhindra - Spice Merchant

Joachim Muhindra, Citizen of Ireem.
Age: 29
Occupation: Spice Merchant

"I have travelled beneath the celestial heavens by dhow, by camel and by foot to bring you, my dear customer the most exquisite spices and curiosities from the ends of the Earth. You hold in your hand the most desireable clove of the Banda Islands. Behold as it's fragrance as it overwhelms your nose like the firey magik of the jinn. Beware, my dear customer, it's quite potent. Once injested, will make you as verile as a rutting bull and as swift as the pharoah's jackals. 5 gold riyals please...."

Joachim hails from the frontier mountain region of the Hindu Kush. He learned to travel through the rugged territory of his homeland early on and managed to convince some travellers that he was a competent and knowledgeable guide. Joachim was not quite as adept at being a wilderness guide as he was a con-man. Upon taking on a wealthy-looking traveller, he would occasionally lead them along a path that he claimed had been "ridden with bandits, rabid wolves, and treacherous rockslides" while demanding a higher fee. In order to maintain his bluff, he would hire the local young boys to secretly rig traps or hollar battlecrys along the narrow mountain passes. It was only a matter of time that he would encounter a traveller that was wary of him, due to the dubious reputation he had gained. The confrontation forced him out of the "wilderness guide" business, but opened an opportunity for him in a more honest but dangerous line of work.

With the rest of his earnings, he purchased a substantial amount of spice and other "herbs" to sell abroad. He chartered a dhow to carry him and his goods to a new city, where his knowlegde of the frontier people and the winding mountain passes would enable him to maintain a lucrative trade route. Alas, fortune, wisdom and a little opportunity have brought him to Ireem. Some say he has the best midwakh smoke in town, though he doesn't just offer it to anyone.

Occasionally, Joachim can be found playing any number of his exotic instruments at one of the inns or cafes in town. He keeps on cordial terms with a number of organizations within the city. Joachim isn't the type to start a conflict, but will certainly guide an unwary person to it if they're less than savory to him.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Group Meetings - Rules - July 31, 7am-11am

Kingdom of Sand
Group Meetings
Project: Rules

I think that it has been a while since we first wrote he rules down. We added many notices to clarify some points. However there are still many conflict areas that create confusion and disinformation. So you are welcome to partecipate and help me to identify those conflictual point (or blank areas).

WHERE: Event Tent in the SKY. Teleport available at the entrance next to the red jars
WHEN : Tomorrow July 31, 2008
- Preys Meeting at 7:00 AM LST
- Predators Meeting at 8:00 AM LST (all predators group)
- Knight Meeting at 9:00 AM LST
- Citizen Meeting at 10:00 AM LST (both citizens and palace)


Ireem Job Fair

~*~ Ireem Job Fair ~*~

When: weekly on Mondays
Time: 10am to Noon SLT
Where: City Fountain
Who: All new Citizens who have lived in the city for a minimum of one week.

Due to the influx of interest in city life, we are now holding job fairs once a week for new Citizens. New Citizens are unemployed (no city role) until they have attended the job fair and been officially hired. There will be a brief RP interview where potential employees can state their qualifications for the position they are interested in, why they want the job, etc.

While new Citizens are unemployed, they may not participate in combat and must have the title "Unemployed" in their meter. Unemployment is an orientation to city life... what it means, what you can do, etc. Basically, its a time for you to make sure becoming a Citizen is right for you.

This is a permanent RP group. At any time during your unemployment, you may change your mind and join another group. After that, if you change your mind, you must discuss changing groups with me... or an admin if I'm not available.

Once hired, you will be added to the Citizen group, receive the rules, and be trained for combat. We will be holding combat training sessions on Mondays in the arena after the job fair.

Welcome to Ireem!
sassy Jaxxon - Citizen group leader and Physician

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nova Brezoianu - Prey/Slave

NAME: Nova Brezoianu

AGE: Appears to be in her mid to late twenties.


Nova is a nymph who rescued a badly beaten maiden from the clutches of a small band of slavers by luring them into her swampy woods, where they were snapped up one after another by the carnivorous plants sacred to her. However, Nova herself fell in love with the young maiden as she nursed her back to health, and delayed escorting the
virgin back to her people. The maiden's pious parents prayed to the gods, offering generous sacrifices to Zeus himself, who sent his messenger Hermes to warn Nova that she should not to delay any longer returning the maiden to the human settlement if she wished to avoid
his wrath. Nova agreed, but when she reached a cave shelter along the way, her heart was sick with love for the maiden, and she delayed her longer, pretending to be lost in the cave's murky depths, thinking to hide from the father of the gods. But when the parents' supplications
continued to rise up to Zeus, he sent Athena (in the guise of a hunter) to show another band of slavers where to lie in wait for Nova when she would venture out of the cave for food for the maiden. Thus Nova was captured, and Athena gave the slavers specimens of Nova's
carnivorous plants, showing them how to care for them, thus giving them power over the nymph's life or death. Athena also showed them how they might fetch the handsomest price for their prize by sailing for Ireem, which is well known to have an eager demand for slaves of all
kinds, let alone a nymph in pristine condition, and sent a warm following wind to speed their journey. Finally, Athena (still disguised as a hunter) saw to the return of the maiden at last to her kingdom and pious family.

Meanwhile, Nova's slavers saw to it that her plants were replanted in the Palace gardens at Ireem, and the gardener provided with Athena's instructions about their care. Nova herself was kept in the harem for a time, until she fetched a handsome price--fully twice the price,
indeed, that Athena had promised them--when sold to a powerful Magus.
The relationship lasted only a year, however, for the Magus was vulnerable to strong drink, and in a drunken stupor succumbed to the temptation of a vulgar street duel, during which he miscalculated and was forced to hastily disappear--literally in a puff of smoke. Nova
was permitted to return to his estate to await his reappearance... but to this day he has never returned.

Finding herself somewhat free, yet unable to escape Ireem without her plants (or a vessel to carry her), Nova has taken refuge in the caves and temple labyrinths beneath the palace, venturing forth occasionally to earn a few dinars as a dancer or at the hammam, and spend them at market. It's then that she is sometimes overtaken by the slavers potentially lurking behind every pillar. But she is uncommonly willful--being practically a goddess herself--and can be very slippery if not restrained properly. Eventually, the hearts of her temporary
masters have always softened for her, they relax their guard, and she darts away at the best opportunity. If she can make it back to her refuge, she is relatively safe for a time, but eventually she must venture out again, not just for food and water, but because her spirit
yearns to see the sun and moon and stars, for fresh air and the expanse of the outdoors, and it drives her mad to remain cooped up for long.

The Palace Guards have instructions never to allow her into the Palace unless she is carefully restrained under strict supervision, lest she recover her plants and thus the means to finally escape Qasr al Abeed once and for all.

Nova appears human in every way, except: 1) her heartbeat and breathing rate are 10% faster; 2) her body temperature runs almost 10°F hotter; and 3) her irises are an intense, luminous amber color that is rarely encountered. Though not necessarily immortal, she heals much faster than humans, does not age, and will live for aeons--as long as she is not killed outright, or long separated from the carnivorous pitcher plants sacred to her, to which her life force is

Release 0.11 is coming out shortly

Release 0.11

New features:
- ASK FOR HELP: If you are in danger and need to be rescued, press CTRL+F10 to send your help request through the SIM.
The request will be sent through everybody's HUD.
ONLY PLAYERS that send a request of HELP can be rescued.
This should stop argument when a playes get rescued against his/her will.

- YOU NEED to be 7 DAYS OLD to PLAY here. If you are younger, you can explore the SIM, and gradually being involved in the game, but sex and combat are NOT allowed until you reach your 7th day.

- /22 was fixed (OOC chat)
- the HUD now shows if it is a safe zone for knights and others
- the meter doesn't hide the name of the capturer/master if the player leaves the SIM
- if you transfer the meter, the titler will reset properly.
- there were some inconsistency when you were captured. They should be fixed now

Kos Citizens List

(List provided by Sassy Jaxxon)

Group Leader/Physician - sassy Jaxxon
Physician's Assistant - Selvetarm Aeon
Gardener - Stuey Blackadder
Gardener - keil Ansar
Gardener, Alchemist - sheilla Potez
Potter - pilipu Criss
Dancer - Claira Breda
Dancer, Minstrel - Becky Market
Librarian - Nani Paule
Lamplighter - Camil Exonar
Blacksmith - Ido Frog
Blacksmith - Riccardo Wilner
ChangHigh Fire Sister - Melvin Starbrook
Herbalist, Mystic - Anoron Hanson
Bath Attendant - Shelli Ling
Bath Attendant - Basb Aabye
Bath Attendant - Dunia Moulliez
Scribe - Azrach Zeevi
Vagabond - Krystina Kultus
Minstrel - LadySolstice Sorbet
Weaver - DragonQuill Moonbeam
Spiritual Healer - Akron Rosenstrauch
Alchemist - Akiko Thursday
Astronomist - Gia Carnell
Merchant Prince - Frank Lardner
Knights Inn Keeper - Fritz Bouras
Knights Inn Barmaid - Pouzi Little
Seamstress - Enigma Watkins
Arabesque Cafe Manager - Ynava Aabye
Merchant - FF Farman

- PhuSee Delight
- Isabel Kesslinger
- Lula Streeter

Open Positions:
Slavers' Inn Keeper
Slavers' Inn Barmaids and Dancers
Knights' Inn Barmaids and Dancers
City Bath Attendants
City Bath Owner
Camel Keeper
Arabesque Cafe Dancers

---non-palace citizens and openings as of 07/29/08---

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anja Skinstad - Prey/Slave

Name: Anja Skinstad


My name is Anja Skinstad. I come from some nothern territories, where you see snow in the valleys in wintertime, even though it is a most beautiful country - covered with green grass and deep forests small rivers and brooks cutting through and inhabited by very friendly people.. The people of my country almost never fights - except when the borders are attacked - and then they are very dangerous. No intruding army has ever escaped alive...

The girls of this wonderful country is raised to serve their husbands and to keep the family traditions. And they do it well. Most of them.

I am afraid to say that I was too adventurous in mind to follow traditions, so one day I ran off and joined a caravan going south. What I didn't understand was, that the merchant who owned the caravan wanted some specific services in return for my relative security in the caravan. So when I rejected him - he got angry - beat me up - and threw me off like garbage in the harbour of Ireem - without money and with only the clothes I was wearing.

I must say Ireem is a beautiful city, and I have already met a lot of wonderful people here, so I intend to stay. And one day I might get a better job and be respected?

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

I believe in the good in people. You may say I am a bit naive. On the other hand I can be furious if I feel I am being cheated on or teased in an evil way. I like to help other people. And I have some skills with my hands like needlework and so.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Game Release v 0.10 Update

Release v.0.10 (tonight or tomorrow morning)
New features:

  • TRANSFER K$: now you can transfer K$ to other players. Just click on 'More...' on the HUD, and follow instructions
  • ADDED DJINN: Djinn group has been added to the predator group, and the djinn realm has been added as their safezone.
  • IREEM TAXES: All players will have to pay Ireem Taxes in K$ (either everybody or by group). Taxes can be a flat rate or as a percentage of your current earnings.
  • SUICIDE OPTION REMOVED: when captured, you cannot suicide anymore (see Ransom Fee)
  • UNCAPTURE OPTION REMOVED: when captured, a prey cannot just uncapture herself (see Ransom Fee)
  • RANSOM FEE PAYMENT: if you get captured or lose a fight, you have the option to pay a ransom fee of 50K$. The beneficiary will get paid if he is within 20 m of distance. If you pay and you are a prey, you will automatically become free. If you are not a prey, you will also lay down on the ground for 3 minutes.
  • APARTMENT RENTAL: you will now be able to rent apartments with K$ in the dwelling area. Since there is high demand, the announcement of available apartments will show up on the HUD (so if you are in the SIM, you will be able to have first choice). All apartments will become available during this weekend at different time of the day, randomly.
  • CAPTURING WILL PAY K$: Since predators don't usually get a job at Ireem, they will get paid 20K$ for each prey captured;
  • PREYS WILL BE GIVEN TO THE WINNER: If you win a fight, you will also get all loser's preys who are within 100 meters. If you are a knight and save a slave from his/her capturer, the property of the slave will be given to you (but then of course, we all expect you to give the slave the freedom back). If you are a prey and don't want to be given away to the winner, you will need to go and run farther tan 100m from the fight.
  • LESS CHEATING: to reduce the risk of cheating, you cannot capture the same prey or fight the same player twice in a row. If you try it, you won't be able to capture or kill.
  • KILL option: This is mostly a bugfix, but if the winner of a fight decide to kill you, you will lay on the floor for 3 minute deadly wounded, and then recover with 15% of health rate.
  • DIFFERENT COLOR: Each predator meter will have a different color.
  • HIDE HUD: The HUD was reduced in size. Also a button let you hide/show the message buttons
  • ADDED MAP TO THE HUD: the button is enabled.
  • ADDED GAME NAME: if you use a different name to play here, you can now add it when you run the setup from the HUD
  • KNIGHT SAFEZONE: The knights safezone was added to the mapping
  • SALARY FOR KNIGHTS: Knights will receive a salary of 12K$/hour from the City of Ireem to protect the city and their citizens.
  • OOC CHAT: When you speak in OOC terms, please type '/22 ' in front of your sentences in local chat. It is preferably that you send IMs when you are in OOC (Out of Character), but if must use the local chat, use this feature.
  • EASIER TO HIT WITH SCIMITAR: The code has changed, and it should work better. There are two styles: Type '/100 style 1' in local chat for using the same animations and style of the old sword. Type '/100 style 2' to use new animations and style.
  • DAMAGE POWER goes from 2 to 4, depending on your skillsrate


  • Prey meter was giving a listens too many error if prey was frozen for a long time [ok]
  • Prey meter was still allowing capture when disabled [ok]
  • Other meters was still allowing damage when disabled [ok]
  • Prey meter was still green when disabled (instead of grey) [ok]
  • Fixed part of mapping of the palace (some of the palace was 'dungeon') [ok]
  • Fixed the level 'gender' (some levels were showing the feminine words instead of the male one) [ok]

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shahrazad al-Anwar (Nareth Nishi) - Magi

Background for Shahrazad al-Anwar (played by Nareth Nishi)
(Dom/Predator; Magi/Warlock)

Recently, Shahrazad awoke on the scorching sands near the city of Ireem...with no memory of her past. She has wandered about the city's crowded streets, trying desperately to recall who she is, and how she received the terrible scar across her throat that seems to have rendered her almost completely mute. She recalls only vague memories of a childhood in a distant green land, which she believes may lie somewhere far across the sea. She watches the slaving ships and wonders if the answers she seeks are to be fund therein. She can speak with those who know a language of hand signs she has no recollection of ever having learned. She has felt drawn to the Magi tower, as she *does* recall her innate skill at coercing the minds of others, and her training in necromanctic arts. Her teeth are filed the sharp points, and the sight of them seems to fill others with dread and loathing. In the pocket of her shabby robes she found a ruby pendant, which she now wears. Shah dreams of demons and great birds, and she is often possessed of a terrible appetite for human flesh and blood. For now, she can only hope to find a place for herself in this unfamiliar city, and to eventually learn who she might once have been.

Palace Masquerade Sat July 25 at 12 LST (24 hours party)

(notice by Jacqueline Aluveaux)

The Princess shall preside over a Palace Masquerade This Sat . Starting at 12:oo noon Sl time and running late into the evening.

Once again the guests can expect , mistrels, dancers, entertainers of all and drinks

Dress code require fanciful dress and a mask to cover the face. ( hmmm a perfect opportunity for slavers, bedus, and others who with to crash the party to put on their best disguises and come visit..remember behave lest you be discovered)

Contact Jacqueline Aluveaux for more info.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Riccardo Wilner - Blacksmith

Name: Riccardo Wilner
Role: Blacksmith

Raised amongst slavers, he became one himself after spending a lifetime living within all kinds of violence that humans are capable of inflicting. Tired of this life of attrocity, this unusual slaver went to seek a quiet life through what it would be his last trip in that filthy ship.

Sick of travelling and tired of dealing with human waste, all he desires now is to be left alone spending his time working and thinking about all that he has been through.... But will he stay alone for the rest of his life?

After being all over the world, he felt a strange calling. Something telling him to seek this strange and mysterious place, where beauty and evil go hand in hand. This was a feeling he had never experienced before, and months went by before he reached the land he was hoping to find. One day, he arrived at Great Ireem!

It wasn't long before he discovered the perfect occupation in the city, for him. Something to keep him busy, away from all those ghost of the past. Working with hot metal, hammering and molding iron helped him keep his sanity. He became the city's Blacksmith...

Age: Unknown.
Birthplace: Portugal
Personality: Dual
Past Background: Citizen of the world.... and a Slaver!

Trent Lonergan - Librarian of Ireem

Name: Trent Lonergan

Age: 33

Group: Citizen

Occupation: Librarian of Ireem
Librarian of Ireem, custodian of all knowledge in Ireem. Both Local and from foreign lands. The library has many tomes on numerous topics. Open to all who will learn and expand their views of the world.

Quiet, soft spoken and slightly intreverted. Has a dark humor about him and a sharp whit. Rarely angered, but pray you never see the lightning flash through his eyes. A true and loyal friend who judges not what others do, as long as it does not harm others.
Has a true thirst for knowledge and spends most his days researching as well as training his body in preperation so it may never need to be used.
Being peace loving he is rarely in fights but be warned wrong those he cares for or the helpless and he will defend them
relentlessly. He sheds blood only as a last resort.

Background Story:
Possibly the last clansman of Draconis from the land of Dál Fiatach.
These were proud warrior philosophers, in tune with nature and the heavens. Their martial skill was renownd throughout the land as was their learned knowledge of nature, heavens & mankind. Much so that it brought their downfall. Albeit a peace loving clan only intersted in protecting the meek and being in harmony with all living beings.

This did not sit well with the local rulers, who feared and envied their skills and knowledge. Wrongly accused of plotting against the crown. They were hunted down and put to the sword, not wanting to spill the blood of their kinsmen, they fled to lands far away. But were chased relentlessly.

Over time their number diminished and Lonergan lost touch with the last of his clan. Never married or with children, his escape was less perilous than that of others. Mananing to get onboard a tradeship destined to the east he made good his exit and now comes to reside in Ireem.

His love for knowledge and nature gaining him a the Librarianship of Ireem. Here he has found a sad peace.
Sharing his knowledge and keeping his clan alive in memory with all that will listen and learn.

Jak Kruh - Dungeon Keeper

Born and raised in the city of Ireem, Jak is the bastard child of tavern maid, never having known his father. As a boy he worked taking the mounts of guests at the inn to the stable down the street and tending them for whatever coppers he could get. Teased mercilessly by the other children for having no father, Jak continually had to fight to show his worth, often winning, sometimes limping home bruised and beaten, it hardened him at an early age.

His fighting, hearing the exciting tales told by travelers at the inn, seeing their shining swords and mighty mounts, watching the guards as they patrolled the city, shaped his world and, as soon as he could escape the stables he enlisted in the city guard for proper weapons training and joined the ranks of the dungeon keepers and city patrol. Not always one to follow the rules, he was often in trouble and advanced slowly but after years of service finally came to head the dungeon after the mysterious disappearance of the former boss.

The guard administration was leery of the assignment, and the men under him wary of his temper, slow to rise but explosive when aroused, but Jak was known now as one to get the job done, regardless of odds.

Now he is known about the city, and those who teased him as a child find excuses to be elsewhere when he makes his rounds. He garners the respect of the citizens, though through fear or admiration is questionable. It matters not to him, as long as they treat him with the respect he longed for in his childhood and never received. He has built a household, and enjoys the peace and comfort it provides when not on duty. He is always ready to defend the city that raised him, though in secret, desires to travel to other lands and discover who his father is and take him to task for why he abandoned Jak and the troubles it caused that have followed him throughout his life.

LadyIvi Skytower - Lady of the Court

My name is LadyIvi Skytower. I am 21 years old. I am the second oldest child of the Count of Newcastle in Great Britain. My father is a very powerful man and he needed his children to live up to the codes and expectations that are inevitable for a man of his status and his family. My older brother, Ian, is my father’s hier. He is 24 years old and kind of uptight. He doesn’t like to have any fun and is too serious for his own good. My younger sister, Ella, is my mother’s favorite child with her unusual red hair and lily-green eyes. She is 16 years old. I adore my younger brother, Lucas. He is 12 years old and is very energetic yet mature enough to know when he needs to calm down and do his work. I write to him often.
At the age of 16, I was married off to a rich man of good family. We were friendly but we were not lovers. Three years after we were married, we moved to the Kingdom of Sand because his job relocated him here. A year after we got to the Kingdom of Sand, my husband died of smallpox. After four years of marriage, we grew respect each other but we were never in love. I stayed in the Kingdom of Sand because of the kind people.

I am a spunky 21 year old. I am British by birth and education. I was considered a beauty in my hometown of Newcastle. I am generally good-natured and have the manners that an educated Lady of the Court is expected to possess (even if I don’t always utilize them). I am looking for someone to love and to love me in return.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cady Illyar - Royal Harem Slave

Name: Cady Illyar

Role: Royal Harem Slave

The daughter of a rich Briton/Merchant, Cady grew up a cossetted and pampered 'princess'. She knows nothing of the hardships of life, always receiving what she wishes for, from fine clothing to delicious food.

But the one thing she wanted was the one thing her father would always deny her, she wanted to see the world, experience the wide vast oceans and see what her father and brothers saw. Of course being a girl and the only daughter, her father expected nothing from her but to look pretty and to marry well - the marriage would of course be more beneficial to him than to her but this is a daughters place in the world...

Tired of begging to see more of the world Cady ran away from her cossetted life and stowed away on one of her fathers ships. managing to stay hidden she got halfway around the world before she was found by one of her fathers men, this man told her he would tell her father she was there and she would be ruined and forced to marry him ... unless she gave herself to him, if she did this he would let her stay hidden until she was able to 'jump ship'.

After days of refusal, the sailor caught her on deck getting some air late one night and after she refused him again - she pointed out she would rather face her fathers wrath than give herself to him - he tried to rape her. After a struggle Cady bruised and battered hit her head and fell overboard...

Washed up days later on the shores of Ireem, she has no idea of where she is and found she could not understand the voices around her. Trying to stay hidden she manages to stay alive by stealing scraps of food where she can and tries to acoid the 'bad men' she has seen taking other girls from the area.

Cady is too delicate for a life of struggle and knows in her heart she is better than the scavenger she has become, but she just cannot remember, and thus she is thought to be 'too proud' and 'too stubborn' by the other girls and the people she tried to find work with.

Her only hope for survival is if the sailor tells her father what happened to her, which is never going to happen, he was the only person who even knew she was on the ship - or if she manages to find board and lodgings with people who will at least be fair if not kind to her...

But even in her confused state Cady knows this is unlikely to happen and the best she can do is to avoid slavery ... for now.

WANTED: Daemon Cale

(posted by Jak Kruh, Leader of the Dungeon Keepers)

Daemon Cale is wanted for questioning regarding the murder of Shekari Ba' (Kystina Kultus). Through the efforts of The physician and the maji, the girls spirit has been returned to the living and will be able to be present for the inquiry. It is rumored Desire Gothly ordered the death so we need Daemon alive for questioning.

Hela (Olivea Eales) - Royal Harem Mistress of the Baths

Name: Olivea Eales
KOS Name: Hela
Title: Royal Harem Mistress of the Baths

I am Ireem, I have always been. Some may say I have less claim to it, that because I was born to nomadics, out in the desert, roaming. I do not know if my parents were Ireem, or their parents before them, or theirs before them. I do not think there is any blood in my veins that is not purely that of the nomads. But I am Ireem. I know it in my soul, and I love the city as much as any whose blood is pure.

Amongst my people I have been heralded as a great beauty, a bloom in the desert. My name was given to me by my parents, but the tribe has always known me as 'Hela'. This means life, and I was told that this name was given to me because I was the nomads' beauty in a hard and dry life. My presence and my name, they told me, reminded them that there was good in life.

Because of my beauty, I was spared of great trials and tribulations as I grew. While my brothers and sisters were forced to heard the animals, to carry great loads, to build and rebuild the carts, I instead was set to carry water and dance in the firelight after the day's work was done. I served them their meals, but I did not cook them, nor did I clean them up. I played music and sang, but I did not hear the songs of the sheapards or the hymns of the goats.

There was no malice in my position in life. The nomads worshipped me in some strange way, and by having me with them, it was as though they shared in some great luxary. My life was always easy, even in the harshness of the desert. The first taste of sweet fruit was always mine, the finest cloth was always fashioned for me.

But I was also a world apart from them, even my family. Because I was so revired, I was also not considered part of the clan. Where others had friendships and family bonds, I had awe. Because of this, I became a quiet girl, quite reclusive. It was my way of life, and as I aged, a problem arose: who ever could be worthy to marry me? None of the nomads would dare, but I had never met anyone beyond them. What life was I ever meant to have?

I had grown up in the shadows of Ireem and it's walls. I had never looked inside of it, always my family had moved around the desert, with no real home to speak up. But any encampment where I might have seen the gleaming stone was home to me. When I decided to leave my tribe, there was no doubt as to where I would go.

There are not words to describe my escay when I came to the large city gates, towering over me. It was the first time in my life I have ever felt small and insignifigant. In my life I was always hailed as something bigger than the desert or the people: I was the Beauty in Life. But standing before the porticalus, I knew better for the first time.

I was able to spend a few days of bliss within the Inn, dancing with strangers, drinking in fine wine. I was a person, here, I was no longer worshipped like some strange child of the Gods. But it was not to be.

At the mouth of the gates, within days, a man drew a sword on me, and commanded me to follow. I struggled, but he overpowered me and managed to link a collar and chain around my neck. He led me from the gates while two Knights stood guard, two Knights watched while I was completely helpless. Since then, I have never trusted a Knight.

The man who took me was a slaver, and he led me to the harbor where his boat was docked. I will not retell the unspeakable acts that were performed there. Where the city had made me feel human in spite of my face, this once again made me inhuman. But I was not a child of the Gods I was nothing but a flower that had been crushed.

It would not always be so. As I lived in the cage, watching as women were taken to the horrible ship, raped, cut, beaten, and killed, something in my master changed towards me. At first I was once again worshipped by a clan - but this one did not fear and respect my beauty. Instead they exploited it, and I was manhandled by the entire camp at their will. But as time went on, my master became more tender to me, until finally he decreed that no one should dare touch me. I was once more given a position of respect and in this case, some strange authority. I could walk free among the camp, and new girls that were brought in were often brought to me, to be taught the serving and submission and grace needed to be sold fo a profit. My master decided that I was too valuable to be sold. Together, he and I had many adventures, visiting lost ruins and even the Underworld for a time. We saw many great battles and visited many astonishing places. Instead, after a servitude of several months, I was released to my own liberty. I had worked hard, he said, to make my own choice and my own path. Now I would make it.

I was accepted into the Royal Harem quite graciously the following day. My beauty, the knowledge I had learned in the slaver camps and my ability to train younger, inexperienced girls herladed for me another great position. I was to be the Mistress of the Oda of the Baths. In this position I am able to help teach the new girls of the Harem to make sure that every guest and Lord is properly attended to.

I spend my days now in a tower, high above the city, looking out over the desert from whence I came. It is a dream I often had as a girl, to be inside the city of Ireem, the gleaming stone of hope on the horizon of the desert, and to see all the nomads and people around me. Never have my dreams dared to turn to real hope, and yet here I sit now, among artwork and silks and the finest of wine, looking over my past and what is behind me. I do not know what lies ahead for me, or what shall change for me now. There is only one thing I can say.

Aasha hela jamella - Live a beautiful life.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Frank Lardner - Wealthy Merchant Prince

Name: Frank Lardner

Age: Uncertain, but mature

Occupation: Wealthy Merchant Prince

Brief background story of your character:
Born in Rome, educated in his uncle's counting-house in Venice, Frank now trades from Ireem, somewhere on the coast of Arabia. His aristocrat family turn up their noses at Frank's dealing in loans, slaves and cargos from distant lands. Yet his travels with Bedouins, Slavers, and all the races of the Middle Sea have enriched his purse as well as his sophisticated tastes. Always interested in a new experience, he enjoys tasting the spices, foods and slaves in which he deals, yet stays fit defending his cargos from thieves, spies and competitor merchants. Often found in the desert or ports in Bedo clothes, dealing for his portfolio, and snapping up bargains or unclaimed morsels left unguarded.

Personality Strengths, Traits and Flaws: Frank is urbane, sociable, humorous and sophisticated. A man with whom you can do business. His sword skills are improving, and he relishes a chance to improve them, if he has a fighting chance. A pretty girl can always turn his head, and inspire a tumble in the sand, but her head must contain more than fluff to hold his attention for long.

Lina Olaria - Hand-maiden

Name: Lina Olaria

Role: Hand-maiden

Lina’s life had always been that of the road, traveling with her family in their vurdon along in a band of Dom. When she was a child, she would sit at her grandfather’s feet by the fire as the early darkness descended upon the old traveler’s camps. She listened to his many stores of how her people had lived on the legendary Mountain of Kurbat before they were impelled to journey to Northern India, where they traveled the roads and slept under the stars. Her grandfather taught Lina how to live in the world as natural human being, to be wise and generous.

Her grandmother taught her to dance, and Lina’s steps mesmerized those who came to hear the lilting music of her grandfather’s violin. When she danced, all who saw her felt life become more intense, the loves and hates of other worlds passed before their eyes as they were drawn into the rhythm of the dance. Lina lived in great happiness with her grandparents, roaming from place to place just on the village outskirts in the mountains of Northern India, entertaining with stories and dance, gathering and selling the magickal herbs, living free.

A few weeks after her first blood, Lina woke under the stars having dreamed of Siva, the Lord of the Dance. She saw Him beckon, heard his wild, fierce, song, and went willingly as He gathered her up and whirled her through the lights of the heavens. She danced birth and death, creation and destruction. As the lights spun around her she felt His breath hot on her eyes and face. She heard the words, “See.” From that point on, could not help but hear the Akashwani, the voice from the sky.

Men and women began to seek her out, to find what their futures held. She would read each face, each palm, scry the leaves or the pearly green prehnite crystal she often wore around her neck. Although she answered each question truthfully, her responses rarely answered the question the seeker thought he had asked. It was both a stone weight and a blessing of the God to see.

One cool, gray day as she and her grandmother were cooking at the fire, Lina felt warmth from the stone of prophecy against her skin. She straightened, closing her eyes and listened to the sounds of her people crying out against the coming Islamic conquerors. She tried to warn her grandfather and the others; many of her band heeded, fleeing into the west. But her grandfather was a stubborn man and refused. When they came, they destroyed the old and enlisted the young. Hearing of her ability to foresee, they took her with them.

Lina would have remained with the invaders had Siva not come to her in the cold dry desert night. “Arise, walk,” He had said and thus she did, taking nothing with her but the sandals on her feet. It was in this way that she found herself entering the gates of the city Ireem as the sun dawned the next day. As she walked through the market place, looking for something to eat, a richly attired woman accompanied by three servants stopped her. The woman reached out boldly to lift the pendant from her neck. “What is this?” the woman had asked. Lina touched the woman’s hand as she held the milky crystal and began to speak, telling the woman of her five sons and the glory they would bring to Ireem. She did not speak of their deaths. The woman looked at Lina shrewdly, “A soothsayer,” she murmured, the directed Lina to follow her to the palace, to be brought before the Princesses and presented to them as a handmaiden.

Enigma Watkins - Seamstress

Name: Enigma Watkins

Role: Seamstress

She awakens, only to find herself confused. Has she experienced a tragic event and her mind has shut down? She cant remember who she is or how she got to this place. She staggers off the ship, lost and frightened, not even knowing her own name.
They now call her Enigma, for it is a mystery, a puzzle, how she was sent here or where she even came from. for even she has no memory of it. why she behaves as she does, she knows not, yet she knows she is a handful to many. Most men can't tame her or tire to easy trying. She sees them as weak. Deep in her heart she knows she was tender hearted at one time, and hopes one day someone can break through.

Time passes and the memories come and go in flashes under the heavy hands of crude and brutal Masters. She sees her former village in flames and feels the rough hands of raiders on her young untried flesh. The smell of the sea as she wanders through the teaming city of Ireem, her new home, brings back images of the boat, packed with the other slaves on her frightful voyage to this place, memories she had forotten till now. She pauses before the open door of a seamstress cutting patterns and stitching a fine ne silk dress. She watches the woman's hands, the deft dip and pull of the thread to make a nearly invisible seam and another deeper memory stirs. She sees herself as a young girl at her mother's knee helping with the fine embroidery on her older sister's wedding gown. The stitches are known to her, the patterns she cuts are familiar. She touches a fine dress and runs her fingers along the silken sleeve letting the cool material slip through her hand. It was then that she made her decision and enquired of the seamstress if she needed an assistant and began spending her free moments in the shop, relearning her skills that she thought had been lost. She saved her coins, stashing them away in a hidden place in the city wall where no slaver could find them should she be captured again.

As the months went by she returned to the little hole in the wall covered by brick and found it overflowing with gold, enough to begin her own store and start a new life. She thanked the seamstress and following her ambitions left to open her own dress and silk shop in the city, never forgetting where she came from, and still hoping that her heart, hidden behind its walls, might be set as free as she is now.

(profile by Enigma Watkins)

Soraya Rishmal - Royal Harem Slave

Name: Soraya Rishmal

Age: 25

Your occupation: Royal Harem Slave

Brief background story of your character:

Soraya is the daughter of a merchant's household slave, and daughter to the same merchant, Haroun al-Hamid. She was thus born into slavery and, although not officially recognized as Haroun's child, her childhood was a protected one, for a girl slave, and her mother was happy in her lot and very much in love with Haroun. Soraya learned many courtly skills in the harem of her father, being destined to serve the wives of her father's household. However when Soraya was 10 her mother fell foul of Haroun's new wife, and found herself being sent for auction. Soraya saw the light in her mother's eyes die that day. The tears Soraya shed in front of her father would not make him cross his new wife – she was only a slave after all!

Her mother continued to live locally, and they saw eachother from time to time, but there was no life in her any more. She died six months after being sold.

As Haroun's daughter her life was still somewhat protected, but she was removed from the harem and sent for harder duties. The years passed and she blossomed into a beautiful young woman. When she was 14 she came to the attention of Haroun's young nephew, Khalid, who had come to work for her father. Khalid was a particularly unpleasant piece of work as far as the slaves were concerned, handing out beatings and other punishments as the whim took him.

One night he had her taken to his quarters. Only two things saved her from rape that night – a small knife she had bound in her hair that she used to keep him at bay, and the arrival of her father, brought at the run by Soraya's best friend amongst the servants.

After that, Khalid was even crueler to the slaves, but he was careful to avoid Soraya. She knew that only she could change things, so after two years of hell for everyone she offered herself to Khalid in the hope that he would go easier on the others. At first he pretended disinterest; then irritation. In the end she had to beg him to take her to his bed – quite the opposite of her true feelings. The first night with him was as bad as she had feared. She had heard many tales from the women and girls of the household, and had little hope or expectation of pleasure that night. But Khalid's inherent cruelty knew no bounds. He raped her that night, as she had expected, but she had not thought he would heap beatings and further cruelty on her. At least her hopes that he would be easier on the other slaves were realised, although this only meant he saved up every petty irritation for her. But he was clever; he never injured her in a place that could not be covered by clothing. And whenever she felt new life stirring within her, he was sure to snuff it out – nothing could be allowed to interfere with the enjoyment of his toy! And she colluded to keep it all secret, even though she might be black and blue beneath her clothes, or grieving inside for a life that would never be.

But this silent collusion ended when he started to show interest in the young daughter of another slave. She knew he was beginning to get bored with her; with and her lack of fight, her lifelessness and her refusal to cry. From somewhere deep inside her she found the determination to sacrifice all to make sure Khalid did not destroy yet another life before it could truly blossom.

That night she took a knife and slipped it between his ribs, deep into his black heart as he slept, exhausted from his exertions. He hardly stirred. It was over. She wanted to weep tears of relief that this ordeal was over. She wanted to weep tears of sorrow, for she too must now die having never truly lived. But the tears would not come. She was just a slave, and slaves cannot be allowed to kill their masters. It was her 18th birthday.

She walked through the quiet house, woke her father and confessed her deed. For the first time she could recall, he held her. He cradled her close, wept for then both and asked for her forgiveness for being weak. His tears unlocked hers, and years of pain and sorrow came pouring out like the flood of the Nile. They held each other for hours, until the rosy fingers of a new day touched the distant horizon.

Both knew that not even the new-found love of a father could protect her from the legal process that was her due. But it could delay the inevitable. All action once more, he summoned his groom and had camels prepared for them. They left the city as the gates opened and traveled for two hours. There they said a tearful farewell as he freed her from her bondage. She would go on, never to return, for she could not. He would return to the city to say he had dealt with the murderer of his nephew, which indeed he had, abandoning her in the desert. He made her leave before he did, to be sure she put more distance between herself and the city. She never saw his hunched form as it left.

Now a free woman, she went forward with some hope for the first time in years. The shade of Khalid would probably continue to haunt her for ever – she would never be entirely free from his cruelty, for she was now barren – but she could build a life now.

Soraya knew she had to keep moving, and found her opportunity at the next town where a caravan was preparing to depart. There she met a young hakim, Iqbal. He could have had a life of luxury in Baghdad if he had so chosen, but he wanted to travel, to see as much of God's creation as he could before his poor eyesight finally failed. But surely God is merciful, because in taking away Iqbal's eyesight, He had given him the great knowledge and sklls with medicines and in healing of the body and the mind. She already had some small knowledge of herbalism, and offered to travel with him. She did not want any payment (she did not tell him that she already had enough gold from her father in her saddlebags) and shelter, and would assist him in preparing his salves and generally look after him.

Almost at once, she fell in love with this young man, so tender, so open. For two glorious years they traveled together. During that time she learned much from him; about healing, but also about real love between a man and a woman. And he healed her heart as no other could have done. Khalid could hurt her no more. She even learned again to dance and to sing, for Iqbal and for others.

They loved each other with a fire and intensity, as if they knew that their time was to be short. For so it proved. They were in a distant town, Ireem. She danced in a tavern to earn some coppers. In the corner of the tavern, Iqbal, his sight truly failing, spilled an elixir on a client's expensive mantle. Heated words followed, a stupid scuffle, and Iqbal, falling, cracked his head open on a stool. It was nobody's fault, really. Just fate.

After that she spent months in something like a trance, just barely functioning enough to avoid slavers in the alleyways of Ireem. She danced in taverns, and warmed mens' beds, earning enough to keep body and soul together. When she woke from her trance, she found that Fate had placed her feet before the gates of the palace in Ireem. Confidently she pushed at the gates and walked in. There was nobody to stop her, and Fate led her to the palace apartments where she found herself before the Princess Sarai. She fell to her knees and begged the Princess to take her into service in the Palace. In no time Soraya found herself dancing for the Princess and her court, and then installed in the Harem. She might be in a cage, but at least it was a gilded cage with rich hangings and soft cushions.

Soraya is sure she is fated never to love for long. But she also believes that, if love ever comes again, it will be as intense as it was with Iqbal. She now loves Ireem, where she is closest to her departed Iqbal. She wants to live, because she has seen too much pain and suffering. It is her duty to live! And maybe love again for a short while.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Soraya is a determined young lady. She is sometimes impulsive and speaks without thinking first, but is capable of great love and sacrifice.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

September Roux - Lady of the Court

Name: September Roux

Age: appears to be 20

Your group/occupation/level: Lady of the Court

Brief background story of your character:

As a young lady, September travelled with her dear father to dangerously exciting countries. She was spoiled and was not denied when she wished for her seventh birthday to visit Arabia. During a raid on the small village they visited she was taken and sold to a slaver. Her light eyes and freckled skin were assets not to be ignored and soon she was sold again to a sultan's harem. Too young to be bedded by the sultan, she was educated by the other woman and taught the ways of pleasure. She learned quickly and embraced the new culture as her own. September also made friends with a retired enuch that painted murals inside the palace. He taught her how to handle a brush to create beauty. Time passed quickly and September soon reached thirteen. It was time for her to give herself to the sultan. Being young she found herself falling deeply in love with the sultan and praying that he would choose her over the hundreds of other ladies in his harem. Though she was taught how to protect herself from pregnancy, September let herself become with child in hopes that the sultan would love her more. Before she could reveal herself to the sultan or healer a man came to the palace demanding that she be given into his custody and returned to her father Duke Roux of Willowcrest. After many gifts and promise of many more to come September was sent back to a father that hardly reconized her. Gossip ran wild and many of the gentry considered her exotic habits enough to condemn her as ruined. The baby that September thought to gain the sultans favor with was lost in misscarriage. The news that she had been with child devastated her father and slowly he lost himself in drink. He bid her to find a husband that could handle her passionate nature and take care of the large estate he was leaving her upon his death. She traveled to the Kingdom of Sand to do just that and to hopefully find herself deeply in love again.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

September is a very passionate woman and does not know how to act the demure English lady. Often she tries to imitate those she's read about in books or watched at balls but usually she seems over exaggerated. She is sweet natured but has a rough underbelly due to her experience with harem politics and will not hesitate to use any weakness revealed to her advantage. September is a talented artist and uses this to seek trust and approval from strangers. Often she is found in courtyards sketching, seemingly unaware of her surroundings, picking up on every scandal and intrigue that is taking place around her. She is a lady consumed by lust and the desire for love. She will stop at nothing to find her happy ending in a land of destruction.

Yarah Vaher - Royal Nubian Ambassador

Name: Yarah Vaher
Age: 27
Group: Citizen
Occupation: Royal Nubian Ambassador

Background Story:
Yarah's father is Wa'heed Vaher, the leader of an important and mighty nubian tribe which was famous in all of Africa and the Middle East for it's beautiful and passionate women. Unfortunately, Wa'heed was not granted the gift of a daughter. He already had seven sons and was desperately wishing for a girl when his wife got pregnant for the eighth time. When the time for birth was close, Wa'heed's wife, not wanting to disappoint her husband again, decided to seek a Djinn's help, willing to do anything to give birth to a daughter.

The evil Djinn demanded a big sacrifice: He wanted all her seven sons and promised her next child would be a girl, but not just that. The Djinn also asked of her, that she may not laugh, smile or speak for seven years and one day. After the Djinn assured her, that her seven sons would not be killed, she agreed to the devilish deal... and gave birth to a beautiful baby the next day - Yarah.

Her father's happiness and love for his daughter was soon darkened by the shadows, that the sudden disappearing of his sons and the change in his wife's personality threw on his soul. Yarah's childhood was unhappy. Her father spent all his wealth and time in the search for his sons and turned into a bitter man, her mother was a mute and sad woman being tormented by her feelings of guilt, who finally commited suicide on Yarah's seventh birthday after her due to the Djinn was paid.

When Yarah was sixteen years old, she couldn't stand anymore seeing her father suffering total dispair about her seven lost brothers and decided to seek a Djinn's help. She didn't know that it was the same Djinn, which 'helped' her mother in the past. The evil Djinn said he could bring her brothers back, but of course wanted a payment again - her virginity. And after that, not to laugh, smile or speak for seven years and one day. If she managed to do that she could come back to him and pick her brothers up. Like her mother in the past, Yarah agreed to the devilish deal. She spent the whole night with the greedy Djinn who took more than just her virginity - and did not speak, laugh or smile for the demanded time.

Being handicapped like this, Yarah discovered her love and fascination for books and she used the time to study and learn the one thing she didn't need her speech for: Physical treatment and massage. She learned to speak with her hands, giving the best and most relaxing massages in the tribe and even collected the knowledge to ease and cure minor injures and sicknesses with herbs, oils and teas.

After the seven years and one day were over, Yarah returned to the Djinn to demand her part of the deal. And he kept his promise as he did with her mother long ago. The seven sons of Wa'heed were still alive and the Djinn released them - laughing evily. He had used the twenty three years to spoil Yarah's brothers and had trained them to be mean, heartless and brutal villains. The first thing they did after being set free was to rape their precious sister - all seven of them. Then they did let her lie in the dry desert like a used towel and went away to take over their father's tribe.

Yarah was devastated. She was ready to die, did not even try to move away and waited for death to embrace her and become food for the vultures circling over her. It was pure coincidence, that saved her life - a caravan of traders passed by and took the almost dead woman with them. After Yarah was fully recovered, the caravan started to appreciate her skills in massage and easing pain, and they accepted that her language was slow and strange, not knowing it had not been used for seven years.

She traveled around with the caravan, saw many strange and intresting places that distracted her and as time passed, Yarah also started to recover mentally. She erased the dark memories of her past from her mind and the wounds in her soul started to heal. Her eyes opened for the beauty and good in the world, and the walls she had built around herself started to wear away. Her language improved and she became slowly less introverted. She learned to get along in this life, discovered that she could attract more customers by using her beauty in a seductive manner and her hands could make her a good living, as she added some intimate massage techniques for special customers, that paid very well - and little by little she got used to it and even enjoyed it sometimes.

Finally, after four years of travelling, the caravan made a stop in the magic city of Ireem. Despite the troubled situation in the city, the many weird people she saw and many creepy stories she heard, Yarah fell in love with Ireem immediately. The beautiful area, the cozy architecture, the majestic palace and the vivid atmosphere impressed her more than any city she had seen. When she heard from the citizen leader, that the public bath house was in need of a masseuse, her decision was made. She bid farewell to her friends from the caravan and started a new life as a total stranger in Ireem.

Position in Ireem:
In the beginning, if Yarah wasn't walking around enjoying the beauty of Ireem, she usually could be found in or around the public bath, giving guests a warm welcome or offering tea to visitors who just wanted to have a short rest in the lobby. Like a bath attendant, she took care of her guest's needs, offered etheral oils, bathing salts, incense, soap, towels or relaxing teas and sometimes if the guests were friendly, Yarah even joined the bath to have a small chat, listen to their stories or wash their backs and offered her nubian massage skills and a selection of delicious perfumed oils to refresh weary and tired bodies - one day she even participated in helping the Royal Prophet after one of his spells had backfired at him and turned him into a scary monster.

As one day the old owner of the public bath disappeared under mysterious circumstances, she was offered to take his position and accepted gratefully. She made many friends in the bath - even met a lovely girl and took her as her personal servant and all that helped Yarah not too think too much about her dark past. This changed, when a messenger arrived in Ireem who had been searching for Yarah in all arabia for years. She cried of happiness, when she read in the papyrus that her evil brothers were defeated by her father and his men - and that he still was alive. Unfortunately, so were her brothers, and the message warned his daughter to be careful, as they might be looking for her to use her as a hostage against their father.

Yarah decided to report to Princess Sarai about the possible dangers for Ireem, and the caring Princess decided to take Yarah into the protection of the Palace. After the Sultana heard about Yarah's heritage and her connections to the nubian leader, she proclaimed her to be Ireem's Royal Nubian Ambassador to establish and maintain an alliance with her father's tribe - and to stay informed about the seven evil brothers' actions.

If Yarah is treated politely and with respect she is a friendly and relaxed little woman to every gender, race, culture or standing - depending on her mood she might even be teasy and flirtatious. But if she feels treated unfairly or with lack of respect, the petite nubian beauty can turn into a fiery volcano or a sarcastic bitch within seconds. Yet sometimes, she still is introverted and silent and her use of language occasionally is strange, all as a result of her seven mute years. Her mind nevertheless is alert and sharp and she enjoys to surprise or irritate people with sudden witty comments. With strangers she is cautious and self-assured, but once somebody has earned her trust, she will show more of her warm and caring soul, that can be romantic and very passionate at the same time.

Marked from her past, Yarah dislikes every kind of violence, betrayal and humilation, she can't even hate her brothers - despite what they did. Deep inside she feels partially guilty for what became of them. Her freedom and independence are very important to her - the pride of her heritage still resides in her. Her natural curiosity, her open interest in her environment and her couragous mind sometimes gets her into more trouble than she likes. Yarah approaches each person as an individual, seeing them who they are even in choosing her mates - being bisuxual she does not make a difference between genders. She loves music and dancing, but also nature and is still fascinated by books, wise people, mystery and magic. And also after being an ambassador, she still loves to talk and spend time with the her old friends outside the palace walls, not forgetting her time as a masseuse or feeling above them - it is even said, that still she sometimes gives massages on special occasions to keep her skills alive.

Friday, July 18, 2008

LadySolstice Sorbet - Minstrel

Name: LadySolstice Sorbet

Position: Minstrel

Comes from the Karlings dynasty, daughter of Pepin the younger and Bertrada of Laon. LadySolstice's mother died in childbirth and was left clinging to a wetnurse, Soose's apron strings. Saddened by the loss of Bertrada and having lost her own daughter, Soose snuck away taking LadySolstice with her, raising her as if she were own. Soose's husband, was a minstrel and learned the ways of her kidnappers. By the time LadySolstice began to come into her own as a young woman, Soose had learned of the headhunters out for her curls and aorta, Soose sent LadySolstice away to Thembang Village, in India to study music and life with the musical monks who lived there. It wasn't long after her stay with monks that she caught the eye of the gardner for the monks who had devious ideas in mind for her. Knowing that crooked eyes were upon her, she fled, taking only her lightest lutes along with her.

For many nights she travelled through the mountains until she set eyes for the first time upon the sea. She took the first ship that she was able to stow away upon. Beneath the deck her royal blood flowed freezing for many nights until the ship seemed to sail in warmer waters. It wasn't long before her moans of hunger made her presence known and she was discovered. With devilish eyes the captain saw her as he chased her towards his cabin door, but LadySolstice dove into the waters, floating upon her lutes, saving her life as she washed to our shores. Now she pays homage to the lutes by playing them every day.


Aquilegia Gossipgirl - Bellydancer

Name: Aquilegia Gossipgirl

Position: Raks Al Shark Dancer (bellydancer)

Aquilegia's origin and ancestry are still mysterious.
She was brought to the city of Ireem at the age of 3 by a trader that rescued her from pirates who had attacked the vessel where she and her mother were traveling on.
Unfortunately her mother faced a terrible fate in the evil hands of the pirates. Aquile's life was spared though.
Right after the capture, the pirate vessel crashed into a reef and the only survivors were the few pirates who were against killing the little girl. So she became their lucky charm.
The group was rescued by other pirates who were heading the Dead Sea.

Aquilegia was wearing a piece of ancient jewelry which was noticed by one of the men on board.
This jewelry shaped in the form of a flower, which was recognised
by a Magi as being " an aquilegia specimen" , a well-known flower, used in rytuals, whose petals are sweet but seeds and roots may be toxic if consumed in high quantities. Due to that fact, she was named as "Aquilegia Girl". But so many stories and gossips were told about her origin, that she became Aquilegia Gossipgirl.

Aquilegia was being kept by them until a day when there was a battle won by Omar Toufik, a brave shipman. Omar took little Aquilegia to the city market with the intention of making money by selling her. His wife, Amina, begged him not to sell the little child and to take her as their daughter.
Omar, in respect for his wife's feelings, accepted her request and gave the little girl to her loving hands. Then Aquilegia was taken to the city and wpould live under their protection and love for many years. Amina, who had been a talented bellydancer, taught her sweet little girl the secrets of the authentic Raks Al Shark, the original dance of the desert. So Aquilegia became a skilled dancer. As Amina was concerned about Aquile's safety, she had
never allowed her to leave the city walls. Aquilegia spent years dreaming of walking on the dunes and feeling the waves of the ocean touching her clear skin.

Like a prisioner, she used her dance as a way to free her mind and soul.

Time has gone and both foster parents have passed away so she has been living by herself. Trying to survive day after day...
She got a position as a dancer at Arabesque Cafe. Once, while entertaining some knights who had returned from some battle, she got one's scimitar and started dancing with it, as a way to show that a sword may be used not only to kill, but to enchant.

So she learned that it was possible to dance everywhere and yet been safe by protecting herself with a scimitar.
She also tamed a snake and now dances with it around her body.

Aquilegia is now known as The Snake Dancer. She may be found crossing the dunes riding her horse or dancing by the cliffs watching the waves at sunset. She will be seen always alone.
Aquilegia's heart is not owned and everything she wishes is
having news about her ancestors and finding out her real name.

SugarKane Twine - Prey/Slave

SugarKane Twine
Age: 22

SugarKane arrived in Ireem only to find herself abused, imprisoned, raped, hungry, defenseless and alone.

SugarKane, 22, came to Ireem on a boat that held many woman who were captured while traveling abroad with their families. Once the ship docked in Ireem, she thought she was being hired to serve as a maid. Not being able to understand the language in which these people spoke, she soon found herself enslaved by her employer.

Sugar's weight dropped dramatically after she came to Ireem. Awakened daily at 4:00 AM, she was forbidden to eat before 5:00 PM. Even then, she was only allowed to drink unpurified water with her meager meals. Locked inside all day, she was unable to search for assistance.
The day came when she was left alone to fetch the water, her she made her escape.. running fast and hard into the desert where she hid for 2 days before venturing back into the city.

Sugar ended up wandering the streets of Ireem in tears. With one eye swollen and a bump rising on her forehead, she rubbed the red marks on her neck, signs that "Madam" had, on many occasions, pulled Sugar's hair and banged her head against the wall. Clasping her well-worn dress, she sobbed as she recalled her mistress stripping her down to her underwear and beating her thin body. Sugar's tied hands prevented her from defending herself. The pain became even more unbearable when she was thrown to the floor and trod on repeatedly. "I wanted to throw myself from the roof of the building top! I'd rather die than go on like this." She swore to herself and to her god, that she would never be anyone's slave.

She often goes unnoticed, giving her the opportunity to wander within the city. Stealing beautiful clothing from time to time, making herself appear as though she belonged. She often finds work as a dancer, earning her enough money to survive. To this day you will see her, quiet and timid and ready to flee her next capture. Praying for the day her family finds her and takes her home. Until that day she will do what she must, to survive the harsh desert and the people that are eager to enslave her.

Amalthea McMahon & Lunatic Jewell - Hand-Maidens

Name: Junah (Amalthea McMahon)
Name: Badriyah (Lunatic Jewell)

Role: Prince Omar-Tighri Sharif's Hand-Maidens

Badriyah and Junah were born in the fair city of Qasr al Jinn. They were the only children of Roxana and Izz al Din Ibn Khalil, the royal Blacksmith who was lucky enough to earn the love of a harem dancer.

Roxana came from a northern country, far behind the big sea where white water falls from the sky and where huge forests hide the sun.
To Amalthea she offered her beauty and grace, whilst Luna was gifted with the temper and the stubbornness of her father. He used to tell her, with a smile on his face "Ya nour el Ayn" when she came home in the evening, having spent the day running in the fields with the goats and rolling in the mud instead of dancing or playing music like her younger sister.

The name she was given is "Badriyah" since it was the full moon that smiled down on her when she opened for the first time her eyes , but "Luna" she was called by her family and friends.
Amalthea, the cadet, was named "Junah", the sun, having a warm and kind personality, nourishing every soul on earth with her tender touch and loving eye.

Even though they were not rich, they enjoyed their life and were a loving and happy family, the father respected for his will and wisdom, the mother for her kindness and beauty. The years passed and the girls grew up, educated by their Jadd Nasser-Eddine Hodja, a former scribe, who teached them about what mankind achieved throughout the decades, manners and different languages. The girls grew up to become each in her very own way an infatuating beauty.
Junah (Amalthea) was the silent and thoughtful power in this constellation whilst Badriyah (Luna) represented the driving force and eternal troublemaker, trusting none than her sister and her own instinctive intelligence.

Roxana, their mother, never overcome the fact of having left her country. Once in the while she heard the stories the caravans brought with them, telling about war and a disease called the "Black Death", killing hundreds of people in only a few days. She became desperate by the idea that her family back home could have been killed and being obsessed by those dark thoughts, she lost her mind and started talking to the loved ones she had to leave behind years ago. A strong fever got grip of her fragile body. Izz al Din spent all his money on physicians, searching in areas beyond the desert to find the one that could stop Allah's will and save his beloved wife. But it was too late for Roxana, she passed away, in a state where she was unable to recognize her children and husband.

Izz al Din was powerless against the grief and unable to take care anymore of his daughters, his friends meant well and told him to marry only a few months after Roxana's death a widow called Muyassar Ibnt Abdul-Razzaq. She was a mighty woman with a strong character and took over the household instantly. Izz al Din was blinded by his sorrow and did not see what happened in his back. Muyassar had two grown-up sons, mean and opportunist like herself. She wanted to force Badriyah and Junah into a marriage with them in order to make sure that her wealth wouldn't be spent elsewhere.

Even though the sisters were to be found permanently arguing from the moment on they spoke their first word, this was the moment where they agreed. They had to run away, somewhere, far. Badriyah came up with the thought to go and find that family their mother spoke about, but the girls didn't even know where that famous country was.

So they run away, in the middle of the night, carrying with them only what they were teached by their Jadd, the love they received from their parents and the will to find better than having to cook, clean and surrender every evening to a man that bears the character of a pig and the smell of a dead camel.

They headed through the desert towards the coast, hoping to find a ship that will bring them to the other side of the Sea. After a long and dangerous journey they arrived at Ireem Zhat al Imad, Ireem of the Pillars, the great city and had to figure out that it recquired more than only their smiles and skills to get them where they wanted to be.
They saw the people of Ireem as guilty of many significant sins, committing economic crimes, blasphemy and bloodshed. But Junah and Badriyah had no choice, they would have to enter Ireem in order to find a way to earn some money, other than being sold as Slaves.

Once at the Harbour they heard people talking about the arrival of a certain Prince Omar-Tighri Sharif, Son of the great Sultan Q-Adir Ebrahim from a Kingdom to the North of Ireem, who was about to enter an arranged wedding with the local Princess Sarai Nahara. The Sisters thought that maybe their education and knowledge about foreign cultures could help them in order to obtain a position at the Royal court ...

Standing in front of the gates, Badriyah turns to the beloved Akht, holding her hand, whispering "Matha tureedeen? You are Sunlight and I, Moon, joined by the gods of fortune midnight and high noon" as they pass the gate, handing themselves over to "Kismet", their unknown Destiny.

Jonh Lungu: Wazir al-Akbar of Ireem: Jaun Ibn Labeeb - Vizier

I, Jaun Ibn Labeeb, had inherited considerable wealth from my parents, and being young and foolish I at first squandered it recklessly upon every kind of pleasure, but presently, finding that riches speedily take to themselves wings if managed as badly as I was managing mine, and remembering also that to be old and poor is misery indeed, I began to bethink me of how I could make the best of what still remained to me. I sold all my household goods by public auction, and joined a company of merchants who traded by sea, embarking with them at Balsora in a ship which we had fitted out between us.
We set sail and took our course towards the East Indies by the Persian Gulf, having the coast of Persia upon our left hand and upon our right the shores of Arabia Felix. I was at first much troubled by the uneasy motion of the vessel, but speedily recovered my health, and since that hour have been no more plagued by sea-sickness.
From time to time we landed at various islands, where we sold or exchanged our merchandise, and one day, when the wind dropped suddenly, we found ourselves becalmed close to a small island like a green meadow, which only rose slightly above the surface of the water. Our sails were furled, and the captain gave permission to all who wished to land for a while and amuse themselves. I was among the number, but when after strolling about for some time we lighted a fire and sat down to enjoy the repast which we had brought with us, we were startled by a sudden and violent trembling of the island, while at the same moment those left upon the ship set up an outcry bidding us come on board for our lives, since what we had taken for an island was nothing but the back of a sleeping whale. Those who were nearest to the boat threw themselves into it, others sprang into the sea, but before I could save myself the whale plunged suddenly into the depths of the ocean, leaving me clinging to a piece of the wood which we had brought to make our fire. Meanwhile a breeze had sprung up, and in the confusion that ensued on board our vessel in hoisting the sails and taking up those who were in the boat and clinging to its sides, no one missed me and I was left at the mercy of the waves. All that day I floated up and down, now beaten this way, now that, and when night fell I despaired for my life; but, weary and spent as I was, I clung to my frail support, and great was my joy when the morning light showed me that I had drifted against an island.
The cliffs were high and steep, but luckily for me some tree-roots protruded in places, and by their aid I climbed up at last, and stretched myself upon the turf at the top, where I lay, more dead than alive, till the sun was high in the heavens. By that time I was very hungry, but after some searching I came upon some eatable herbs, and a spring of clear water, and much refreshed I set out to explore the island. Presently I reached a great plain where a grazing horse was tethered, and as I stood looking at it I heard voices talking apparently underground, and in a moment a man appeared who asked me how I came upon the island. I told him my adventures, and heard in return that he was one of the grooms of Zanlu Heron, the Sultana of the island, and that each year they came to feed their mistress's horses in this plain. He took me to a cave where his companions were assembled, and when I had eaten of the food they set before me, they bade me think myself fortunate to have come up on them when I did, since they were going back to their master on the morrow, and without their aid I could certainly never have found my way to the inhabited part of the island.
Early the next morning we accordingly set out, and when we reached Ireem, the capital, I was graciously received by the Sultana, to whom I related my adventures, upon which she ordered that I should be well cared for and provided with such things as I needed.
Throughout the time I spent at the court my knowledge and wisdom was greatly appreciated by the Royals, so one day I was nominated to my great pleasure "Jaun, Wazir al-Akbar of Ireem" and became officially part of the Royal Court and counseler in any matters to the great Sultana.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Salome (Lupi Lykin) - Palace Dancer

KoS Name: Salome
SL Name: Lupi Lykin

The story of my family starts in the earldom of walis, as one of the sun of the lords fall in love to a gypsy girl.
No, that were not my parents, but let's start here, because I like that story so much (my father often told me, when I was a child)
This couple got a daughter, a real child of love, who they called Lupinia.
As the child was not of pure nobility the couple choosed, that she got raised in the woods together with her stepbrother Hechmet.
These two kids were like blood brothers. And they had a common purpose:"freedom and peace for all". Several events, which would fill a book, lead to the fact that Lupinia got a Lady of Walis and the leader of a big fabrics trade.
Well, it would be a romantic story if I could say "happily ever after", but unfortunatly it wasn't like that.
Allthough Lupinia was very successfull for a long time she got overwhelmed one day by some enemies and died a hero's death. For sure Hechmet took revenge for her, but anyway, dead is dead.

More then 10 years later this former gypsy boy and freedom fighter came to the Kingdom of Sands with a little daughter.
And this was me.
He had choosen this place because it was the region, where his stepsister, who he obviosly admired very much (from where I would have all this stories), started to trade with silk.
Even he travelled very much without me he was a good father and took care for my education. He really wanted to make a lady out of me. I was mainly interested in dancing and I used every minute I had time to practise, I danced until my feet hurted. He especially put emphasis on learning how to behave in the higher rankes.
Today I know why, because he encouraged me to apply to the court and this was the best I ever did in life.

I was very fearfull at the beginning, but the generosity of her highness the Sultana was that high, that my self confidence grew up very fast. Today it is totally clear that I dedicate my life to her highness and the court.

I know, that there is still a secret about her mother, but as father avoids to speak about, I did not ask further. And there is no time for the past. I focuse on the one and only most important thing in my life: To create pleasure with my dances for the royal family, show them high respect and teach others to follow my example!

Arzach Zeevi - Atlantean Scribe

Name (Full SL Name): Arzach Zeevi

Age: appears to be 40

Your occupation: Atlantean Scribe

Brief background story of your character:

True Atlantean Scribe Arzach is the city's Scribe.
Slave to a mannered, cruel woman from a far distant land, the couple find intriguing work for the royal palace where she's secured for herself a position as the city Dungeon's Madame Inquisitor.
The man is rumoured to be a Magi of some sort, akin to an Alchemist and has many arcane and dangerous looking items surrounding him. Sensitives can assense the man to have a strong, silvery aura and many of his things glow with a Holy light or crackling cerulean energy.
Atlanteans are known throughout the megaverses as staunch defenders of life against undead and can detect most forms of unlife as if with a sixth sense.
He has a large cross tattooed on his back and is known to wear a leather collar at all times.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Arzach's knowledge of magic is impressive but has limits, the same as any mortal. He has X amount of magic energy and while approximately twice the human amount, he cannot exceed this limit. Many spells require components, gestures and incantations, the same as one would expect. Many are rituals requiring great preparation and time to cast. He is loathe to
use it for things more than making some item to improve RP. He knows the effects of necromantic spells but does not know the spells themselves, nor would he ever cast something relating to unlife. You will never see a fireball or some combat spell as that is quite laughable. You're far more likely to see some illusion spell bound to an item that you control the
use of or allow its use. His true specialization is the creation of magic tattoos, only a few of which are useful in a sex RP and are not handed out pell mell to every sundry person he meets. It takes a special sort of person to earn one, no more than two at a time, ever.

Atlanteans have at least two magic tattoos known as The Marks of Heritage. In RP such as this, the info is provided as an anti-twink trump card and possibly story telling device although as this is not a combat game in so much as role play environment.
Flaming sword: a magic weapon.
Skull encircled by thorns: death touch, the user glows with an eerie pale white glow and saps the victim of half their life from a simple touch.
Heart encircled by chains: invulnerability shield, glows blue and can absorb massive amounts of damage.
Skull encircled by a chain: invulnerability to psionics and mind control.
Staked heart: invulnerability to all vampiric powers.
Chain with a broken link: supernatural strength.
Again, I'd prefer to never have to pose these things. Just expect them as the
trump for the twinkery they inhibit.

Furthermore, Arzach is an Atlantean Scribe and may give elves, humans and ogres magic tattoos. The process is extremely painful and can result in various forms of insanity. This being sex RP, that might be nymphomania, Persistant Arousal Syndrome, sadism or masochism or anything you the receiving player would like after aquiring a sufficient number of them.

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Royal Palace events

Royal Palace events in the Works:

Palace Players Party - Fri July 18 at 2:30pm - 6:00pm SLT

This private VIP Palace affair will be held in the sky tent and will allow the Palace players to get to know one another in and out of character. So bring your character backstories on notecards so you can hand them out :-) We will go over the Palace story thread so everyone will be caught up on Palace intrigue and gossip. Lords and ladies of the Court dress in your fine attire and slip on your dancing shoes. I expect our splendid Palace performers will be on hand to provide entertainment and our lovely Harem girls will display their signiture dance moves. Hopefully Sassy our Palace Physician will be available to offer medical aid should anyone become over heated. If we are lucky our Palace Prophet Severus will be kind enough to share some of his visions and discuss is now all to famous amulets. Don't worry about anyone crashing our party the highly skilled Royal Guards will be on hand to see to our safety. So be ready to eat , drink and party. This event is tentatively set for Fri July 18th running from 2:30PM SL time until about 6:00PM SL time. Try to join us for some good times in and out of character.


Harem Inauguration - Sat July 19 at 12:00 PM SLT (until late night)
The Sultana has declared that the Palace will host a celebration since the Harem remodel is completed. She invites all the Court and her Royal guests to come and enjoy fine food, drink and entertainment. The Lovely harem girls, dancers and our Palace entertainers will see to the amusements of the guests. The Party will be limited to the viewing room. The upper floor housing the harem and pool will remain closed to any guests who are not already provided with access That said you know how the Mistress of the Harem is ..always looking for an opportunity to make some slavers , bedus, Knights, Magi--- if you wish to sample the forbidden fruit you will need to sneak , in, conceal your true identity and bring some coin to plump up the Harem Mistresses purse. This event is a extended event starting at 12PM SL and running through the evening until the party dies down Sat , 19th


Knights Royal Banquet and Festivities
The Sultanas graciousness knows no bounds, Knights will be invited to an evening at the Palace to enjoy the abundace of the Place. Dinner followed by entertainment from the Palace Harem Girls, Dancers and Musicians. The Wine will flow and so will the love. Cuddle , snuggle and hugs with extra pose balls all around...Who knows Harem Mistress may even feel a little generous decide to slip you into the Harem for a private Party. Hugh Heffner did not really invent anything new after all ....Who needs the Mansion when you have a Palace ? Date to be determined

(notecard by Jacqueline Aluveaux)

Exciting Opportunities at the Palace

Looking for a Position with perks?

It does not get any better working for the Royal Family .

  • Palace Perks include: Great neighborhood with Top notch security personnel
  • Luxury living environment
  • Proximity to local market
  • Great pay 12 per hour , bonus pose ball pay available
  • Regular meals 3 times daily, and strong roof over head.
  • Health Care
  • Adjacent to private Garden
Apply with the Princess ( Jacqueline Aluveaux)

Positions Available:
  • Royal Chef
  • Baker
  • Gardening staff
  • Hand maidens
  • Maids
  • Eunuchs
  • Male Servants
  • Fan slaves
  • Royal Guard recruits ( Elite guards are a special forces unit who serve the Royal Family and combat enemies of the throne)
  • Body guards ( Escort the Royals in the city and secure Palace)
  • Spys ( move over James Bond )
  • Royal Food Taster ( frequent openings)
  • Exotic Dancers male and female
  • Butlers
  • Royal Attendants
  • Message runners
  • Harem Girls ( Only the best of the best. Well versed in the art of seduction , bestowing pleasure & driving men crazy)
  • Minstrels
  • Poet
  • Jugglers
  • Court jester
  • Scribes
  • Slave for Harem Mistress
  • Palace pet ( tigers , panthers, so forth, Must be realistic. Can RP via comments made from the animals perspective- Must agree not to eat the peacock - perks include hanging out in the Harem with the lovely ladies -lots of petting and affection)

Court Positions:
  • Men for the Royal Court: (Perks include - Access to the ladies of the Harem at no charge bathed, massaged, and soothed by the most beautiful and skilled ladies of the Kingdom . Men may be adventures, Noblemen, self made wealthy self made men , Artist, scholars, Playboys, or Artist...endless opportunities)
  • Ladies of the Court: VIP treatment ( Perks lots or wealthy men- good marriage material , pampered living)

Royal Council:
  • Palace Vizer ( Head of the Council)
  • Military Advisor
  • Political Advisor
  • State of Affairs
(posted by Jacqueline Aluveaux)