Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Release 0.11 is coming out shortly

Release 0.11

New features:
- ASK FOR HELP: If you are in danger and need to be rescued, press CTRL+F10 to send your help request through the SIM.
The request will be sent through everybody's HUD.
ONLY PLAYERS that send a request of HELP can be rescued.
This should stop argument when a playes get rescued against his/her will.

- YOU NEED to be 7 DAYS OLD to PLAY here. If you are younger, you can explore the SIM, and gradually being involved in the game, but sex and combat are NOT allowed until you reach your 7th day.

- /22 was fixed (OOC chat)
- the HUD now shows if it is a safe zone for knights and others
- the meter doesn't hide the name of the capturer/master if the player leaves the SIM
- if you transfer the meter, the titler will reset properly.
- there were some inconsistency when you were captured. They should be fixed now

1 comment:

Frank said...

1) Have the auction blocks been activated? (One still says "Do not sit here ... testing")

2) When a prey is sold at auction, do the powers of the seller (freeze/unfreeze/pose/release) pass to the purchaser?

3) Can Citizens buy prey at auctions, and then sell them again at auction?

~ Frank ~