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Yarah Vaher - Royal Nubian Ambassador

Name: Yarah Vaher
Age: 27
Group: Citizen
Occupation: Royal Nubian Ambassador

Background Story:
Yarah's father is Wa'heed Vaher, the leader of an important and mighty nubian tribe which was famous in all of Africa and the Middle East for it's beautiful and passionate women. Unfortunately, Wa'heed was not granted the gift of a daughter. He already had seven sons and was desperately wishing for a girl when his wife got pregnant for the eighth time. When the time for birth was close, Wa'heed's wife, not wanting to disappoint her husband again, decided to seek a Djinn's help, willing to do anything to give birth to a daughter.

The evil Djinn demanded a big sacrifice: He wanted all her seven sons and promised her next child would be a girl, but not just that. The Djinn also asked of her, that she may not laugh, smile or speak for seven years and one day. After the Djinn assured her, that her seven sons would not be killed, she agreed to the devilish deal... and gave birth to a beautiful baby the next day - Yarah.

Her father's happiness and love for his daughter was soon darkened by the shadows, that the sudden disappearing of his sons and the change in his wife's personality threw on his soul. Yarah's childhood was unhappy. Her father spent all his wealth and time in the search for his sons and turned into a bitter man, her mother was a mute and sad woman being tormented by her feelings of guilt, who finally commited suicide on Yarah's seventh birthday after her due to the Djinn was paid.

When Yarah was sixteen years old, she couldn't stand anymore seeing her father suffering total dispair about her seven lost brothers and decided to seek a Djinn's help. She didn't know that it was the same Djinn, which 'helped' her mother in the past. The evil Djinn said he could bring her brothers back, but of course wanted a payment again - her virginity. And after that, not to laugh, smile or speak for seven years and one day. If she managed to do that she could come back to him and pick her brothers up. Like her mother in the past, Yarah agreed to the devilish deal. She spent the whole night with the greedy Djinn who took more than just her virginity - and did not speak, laugh or smile for the demanded time.

Being handicapped like this, Yarah discovered her love and fascination for books and she used the time to study and learn the one thing she didn't need her speech for: Physical treatment and massage. She learned to speak with her hands, giving the best and most relaxing massages in the tribe and even collected the knowledge to ease and cure minor injures and sicknesses with herbs, oils and teas.

After the seven years and one day were over, Yarah returned to the Djinn to demand her part of the deal. And he kept his promise as he did with her mother long ago. The seven sons of Wa'heed were still alive and the Djinn released them - laughing evily. He had used the twenty three years to spoil Yarah's brothers and had trained them to be mean, heartless and brutal villains. The first thing they did after being set free was to rape their precious sister - all seven of them. Then they did let her lie in the dry desert like a used towel and went away to take over their father's tribe.

Yarah was devastated. She was ready to die, did not even try to move away and waited for death to embrace her and become food for the vultures circling over her. It was pure coincidence, that saved her life - a caravan of traders passed by and took the almost dead woman with them. After Yarah was fully recovered, the caravan started to appreciate her skills in massage and easing pain, and they accepted that her language was slow and strange, not knowing it had not been used for seven years.

She traveled around with the caravan, saw many strange and intresting places that distracted her and as time passed, Yarah also started to recover mentally. She erased the dark memories of her past from her mind and the wounds in her soul started to heal. Her eyes opened for the beauty and good in the world, and the walls she had built around herself started to wear away. Her language improved and she became slowly less introverted. She learned to get along in this life, discovered that she could attract more customers by using her beauty in a seductive manner and her hands could make her a good living, as she added some intimate massage techniques for special customers, that paid very well - and little by little she got used to it and even enjoyed it sometimes.

Finally, after four years of travelling, the caravan made a stop in the magic city of Ireem. Despite the troubled situation in the city, the many weird people she saw and many creepy stories she heard, Yarah fell in love with Ireem immediately. The beautiful area, the cozy architecture, the majestic palace and the vivid atmosphere impressed her more than any city she had seen. When she heard from the citizen leader, that the public bath house was in need of a masseuse, her decision was made. She bid farewell to her friends from the caravan and started a new life as a total stranger in Ireem.

Position in Ireem:
In the beginning, if Yarah wasn't walking around enjoying the beauty of Ireem, she usually could be found in or around the public bath, giving guests a warm welcome or offering tea to visitors who just wanted to have a short rest in the lobby. Like a bath attendant, she took care of her guest's needs, offered etheral oils, bathing salts, incense, soap, towels or relaxing teas and sometimes if the guests were friendly, Yarah even joined the bath to have a small chat, listen to their stories or wash their backs and offered her nubian massage skills and a selection of delicious perfumed oils to refresh weary and tired bodies - one day she even participated in helping the Royal Prophet after one of his spells had backfired at him and turned him into a scary monster.

As one day the old owner of the public bath disappeared under mysterious circumstances, she was offered to take his position and accepted gratefully. She made many friends in the bath - even met a lovely girl and took her as her personal servant and all that helped Yarah not too think too much about her dark past. This changed, when a messenger arrived in Ireem who had been searching for Yarah in all arabia for years. She cried of happiness, when she read in the papyrus that her evil brothers were defeated by her father and his men - and that he still was alive. Unfortunately, so were her brothers, and the message warned his daughter to be careful, as they might be looking for her to use her as a hostage against their father.

Yarah decided to report to Princess Sarai about the possible dangers for Ireem, and the caring Princess decided to take Yarah into the protection of the Palace. After the Sultana heard about Yarah's heritage and her connections to the nubian leader, she proclaimed her to be Ireem's Royal Nubian Ambassador to establish and maintain an alliance with her father's tribe - and to stay informed about the seven evil brothers' actions.

If Yarah is treated politely and with respect she is a friendly and relaxed little woman to every gender, race, culture or standing - depending on her mood she might even be teasy and flirtatious. But if she feels treated unfairly or with lack of respect, the petite nubian beauty can turn into a fiery volcano or a sarcastic bitch within seconds. Yet sometimes, she still is introverted and silent and her use of language occasionally is strange, all as a result of her seven mute years. Her mind nevertheless is alert and sharp and she enjoys to surprise or irritate people with sudden witty comments. With strangers she is cautious and self-assured, but once somebody has earned her trust, she will show more of her warm and caring soul, that can be romantic and very passionate at the same time.

Marked from her past, Yarah dislikes every kind of violence, betrayal and humilation, she can't even hate her brothers - despite what they did. Deep inside she feels partially guilty for what became of them. Her freedom and independence are very important to her - the pride of her heritage still resides in her. Her natural curiosity, her open interest in her environment and her couragous mind sometimes gets her into more trouble than she likes. Yarah approaches each person as an individual, seeing them who they are even in choosing her mates - being bisuxual she does not make a difference between genders. She loves music and dancing, but also nature and is still fascinated by books, wise people, mystery and magic. And also after being an ambassador, she still loves to talk and spend time with the her old friends outside the palace walls, not forgetting her time as a masseuse or feeling above them - it is even said, that still she sometimes gives massages on special occasions to keep her skills alive.


Frank Lardner said...

Oh, where ARE the public baths in Ireem?

Frank Lardner (Bedouin of KoS)

Kora Zenovka said...

FRANK: The bath house is in front of the cafe`, in the city.