Friday, July 18, 2008

LadySolstice Sorbet - Minstrel

Name: LadySolstice Sorbet

Position: Minstrel

Comes from the Karlings dynasty, daughter of Pepin the younger and Bertrada of Laon. LadySolstice's mother died in childbirth and was left clinging to a wetnurse, Soose's apron strings. Saddened by the loss of Bertrada and having lost her own daughter, Soose snuck away taking LadySolstice with her, raising her as if she were own. Soose's husband, was a minstrel and learned the ways of her kidnappers. By the time LadySolstice began to come into her own as a young woman, Soose had learned of the headhunters out for her curls and aorta, Soose sent LadySolstice away to Thembang Village, in India to study music and life with the musical monks who lived there. It wasn't long after her stay with monks that she caught the eye of the gardner for the monks who had devious ideas in mind for her. Knowing that crooked eyes were upon her, she fled, taking only her lightest lutes along with her.

For many nights she travelled through the mountains until she set eyes for the first time upon the sea. She took the first ship that she was able to stow away upon. Beneath the deck her royal blood flowed freezing for many nights until the ship seemed to sail in warmer waters. It wasn't long before her moans of hunger made her presence known and she was discovered. With devilish eyes the captain saw her as he chased her towards his cabin door, but LadySolstice dove into the waters, floating upon her lutes, saving her life as she washed to our shores. Now she pays homage to the lutes by playing them every day.


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