Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pawlaew Navarathna (Paw) - Knight

Name (Full SL Name): Pawlaew Navarathna (Paw)

KOS Name: Price Kamala, Noble Knight

Your group/occupation/level: Knight/Paige

Brief background story of your character:

King Kamala is from the distant land of Thibes, a kingdom across the great desert. Kamala is a direct decendant of the great King of Thibes. However, he was overthrown by the rival member of his royal family. His evil step queen poisoned his Father King Ramsey. She order the royal guards to take Prince Kamala to the desert and have him killed. However the young prince escaped and wander the desert for 3 months and found his way to the Kingdom of Sand.
So now lost and alone, the great prince turned knight will need a new kingdom, new allies and new companionships. His is often found in the palace and city of Ireem.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Prince Kamala is young, impatience and hot headed. He is quite charming to the citizen and slaves. Other knight sometime find him a great allie and some can not stand him. He take strong attraction to some undead because of they intrique him especially the females. He is curious about the dark arts and often seen with Elder the local citizen of Ireem.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Aurel Mehnra (Phoebe Telling) - Magi

Name: Aurel Mehnra
(SL Name: Phoebe Telling)

Group: Magi – apprentice

logpage 260 AD

Aurel, my name for as long as I can remember, given by my keeper, mentor and later friend Sir Mehnra. He sent me on my way, Sir Mehnra the one who taught me so much in live.
The dream of a fair-haired girl, so sweet and innocent, scared and grasping for my hands, keeps haunting me in my sleep each night for many years now. Sir Mehnra knows of my dream since I asked for his advise. He knows more, I can tell by looking into his eyes. I also know he wants me to find the answers myself so I can learn and help myself and my lost loved ones by the time he has to leave this world.

My dream, both upsetting and reassuring, the knowledge in the back of my mind of a different life... long ago, when I was still a child. The fair-haired girl always at my side, her soft smile and lovely voice sharing laughter and tales she made up to pass time at our mothers fire during the long winter months. Why do I remember her, is she the answer to my disturbing dream. The dream that have set me up to this quest in search of a lost life I used to know but remember so little off...
At age 12 my happy world collapsed rudely in pain and fear. I remember being a slave, a time so fearful of torture and submittance, that lasted for many many years. The land I lived in as a slave was dark and cold, my slavers lacking of compassion. Till the day came for auction, I was 16 and had grown into a woman. My spirit broken, my skin pale, my eyes had lost its sparkle. All given up on hope and so frightened of the unknown lying ahead of my I stood there tight to a pole at display.
The crowd was excited and ready to purchase at fair prices, the sounds from the square seemed like a thick cloud hanging over me. My head down, almost unaware of the surroundings...this dark voice, warm and kind reached me and made me look up. The eyes belonging to that voice among the crowd struck me so hard and deep within I almost lost my breath. A spark of hope exploded from my heart...hope...it had been there all along, but suppressed by heart ship! Those eyes, that voice...who, how, from where? Our eyes held each other in a grip that got stronger by the minute...reality suddenly made me aware of the event. The bidding began...our eyes still focussed. My heart filled with my mothers spirit who taught me never to give up hope and believe in men's goodness and trust.

Sir Mehnra, whom I learned to trust and love over the years, took me at his side from that auction as if I was his own daughter. Gave me a home far away from that dark world, shared his knowledge with me. He is a wise man, honest and caring. He treated my wounds and broken spirit in particular. I never asked for his wisdom, I just drank every word he spoke, always listening while looking into his eyes. The knowledge he shared brought me back to my childhood, there was a connection and faded memories of that time came back slowly and faque. The plants, the books...as though I have seen them before. Nothing seemed weird only familiar...as though my memory was refreshed by Sir Mehnra's words. Have I learned about plants and healing before? Who taught me? Sir Mehnra praised me for my sharp mind, my confidence grew. At daybreak we use to sett off in search of plants, juices. Along the way he helped others, healing wounds, soothing pain. His knowledge about the stars and planets spreaded throughout the kingdom and many evenings were filled with villagers visiting our hut...around the fire...Sir Mehnra's voice explaining, answering puzzeled villagers who struggled physically. I just listened, studied the faces and learned.

The dream came and puzzled me. It was time...Sir Mehnra said...time to start the dangerous quest of what ever it was I had left behind at that young age. The fair-haired girl, the spirit of my mother and the complete loss of memory of my father. Sir Mehnra passed his wisdom on to me, he knew before me this day would come and he would have to send me on my way. Spring, Skyahala..who are they, what are they, names popping into my dream and mind, giving me a warm and belonging feeling. I try hard to find the name of the fair-haired girl in my memory...she must have meant so much to me, for she is always so close in my dream.

I wander through different kingdoms in search of answers, afraid to trust strangers...practising my skills as healer of body and soul as learned from Sir Mehnra, just listening and never ask. Still learning each day, training myself to be strong and fight.

Finding my way to the girl, still young in my memory and dream, but surely grown into a woman as I have....

Many moonphases passed since I left my home...away from Sir Mehnra. Days getting shorter, nights cooler. I have met friend and enemy along my path. Settling down in this Kingdom, in which I found a warm fire among friends, who listen to my story and help find my past. Each night my thoughts are with this young girl...hearing her voice, seeing her smile at me.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Ireem Chronicles

(posted by Tre Marjeta)

The Ireem Chronicles is now open and will be working on the first edition.

If you've news of any happenings around Ireem, gossip, events, tidbits of fun, stories you'd like to share of things you've seen, please contact me for now. I am seeking staff to act as reporters or write columns based on happenings on and around Ireem, if interested, please let me know and we will get together for a talk.

Let's spread the news of Ireem around this city and share interesting things you hear around the sands and camps.

Office is located above the Mystics Parlor, stop by and share, always seeking information and I can also be found around the city and sands listening often to conversations and...drawing conclusions.

Own a business or want to advertise an event here in Ireem? Contact me, let's get the word out, generate some business for you and some meat for our paper!

Tre Marjeta

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Enne Windlow - Undead

Name (Full SL Name): Enne Windlow

Age (if you have any): was born at the dawn of time

Your group/occupation/level: Undead, Succubus

Brief background story of your character:

Demon succubs, evil seductress arriving in Ireem under the darkness of shadows; feeding off the souls of sleeping virile men and impregnating stray women. Having found her place among the undead sisters and brethren within the echoing catacombs she stalks her prey, both innocent and corrupt in the hope that one day she'll find a soul to call her own....

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Enne can adapt to most situations, is firm but fair, having an evil streak that can both be wicked and pleasurable at the same time. she has strengths and weaknesses but only those close to her will discover what they are.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Magic Carpets available at Ireem

The Carpet Shop will rent magic carpets (K$). 2 seats. 10 minutes flight. Max 300m altitude.
If interested to try it out, IM Kora Zenovka.
If you haven't had the chance to see the SIM from the sky, you may want to take this opportunity.

Ireem Business Opportunities

The following shops are now open:
- Alchemist Lab (available)
- Bakery (available)
- Bath House (available)
- The Ship Inn (occupied now)
- Arabesque Cafe` (occupied now)
- The Good Knights Inn (occupied now)
- Blacksmith (reserved to the current blacksmith)
- Mystic (occupied now).
- Pottery Shop (available)
- Carpet Shop (available)
- Library (available)
- Physician Office (occupied now)
- Dungeon NightClub (occupied now)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KoS Citizens - Store Rental (in K$)

~Kingdom of Sand~
Shop Rental - Terms of Agreement

Thank you for your interest in renting a shop at Kingdom of Sand!


- This is reserved to Ireem Citizens (wearing a yellow tag);
- If you are currently part of another group and you wish to become citizen, go and get a new citizen tag and then you may rent the store.
- If you only wear the Explorer tag, you won't qualify


As business owner at Ireem:
- you may hire employees / assistants to help you to run the business
- if employees are not found, you may also have slaves to work for you - at any conditions you decide for them
- you will be given tools and props to make money for your business (e.g. the tarot table for the mystic parlor) , however you should find creative ways to improve and launch your business.
- all shops should be considered for roleplay purposes. If you are more into capture / fighting, you should probably consider to take a predator or prey or knight role.
- if you are currently have a position at Ireem, such as Mystic, you will be contacted first to rent the Mystic Parlor before anybody else. If you are not interested, then the position will be considered open to any other citizen.
- you should drop a notecard explaining:

  • store info;
  • job openings (if any);
  • store hours (if any);
  • price list;
Simply click on the sign once the rent is active, and follow instructions.


- There are NO REFUNDS for K$. Upon acceptance of the rental agreement, you acknowledge that Kingdom of Sand has no obligation to refund any amount of money under any circumstance
- You can only rent one shop at a time. If you rent more than one, we will ask you to evacuate one shop without refund.
- The rent is paid in K$. If you don't have enough money, there are many ways to earn it.
- You cannot buy K$. They are not on sale.
- Because of this, we consider the shops to be a benefit to game players/role players who want to be more involved in the game


- You can only rent for a week (no more, no less).
- At the end of the week you may rent it again, or the shop will become available to a new tenant
- When the rental is expired, you will be notified, and you will have max 24 hours to extend the rental.
- If not, an announcement will be made SIM-wide through the HUD, so someone else may get the chance to rent it.
- If the shop becomes available and nobody rents it, an announcement will be made through the group.
- Kingdom of Sand reserves the right to terminate any rental at any time for any reason, in accordance with its terms of service. Common sense is the rule of thumb - be polite, courteous, and follow the rules.

- There are no building permissions

- Lag could potentially fail the K$ transaction. Transactions will be logged and we may be able to fix the failed transaction. However, no matter what, game money is part of the game, and we don't take responsabilities in case of lost K$.

- Go directly to the store.
- Outside the store there will be a sign. If it is available, click on the sign. You will get a menu with the options to get this notecard or to rent the store
- If the store has already been rent, then you will probably see the name of the business owner.

For questions, IM Kora Zenovka.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Samantha Chandler - Prey

Name: Samantha Chandler

Age: 20


Brief background story of your character:

Passing through Ireem on a difficult journey from their home in the west to the port cities in the east, Samantha's three older brothers decided they could make better time with their load of spices if they left Samantha in Ireem and picked her up on their return. They hired a noble bodyguard and left her in a room at the inn with her trunk of clothes and plenty of money to wait for their return in comfort.

No sooner had the brother's camel train dipped below the horizon when the bodyguard made off with her money and most of her clothes and belongings, leaving her destitute in the city.

Now Samantha gets by the best she can, doing odd jobs that are beneath her bloodline and status while she waits for her brothers to return. She can often be found intently watching the eastern horizon for any sign of them and the life she once knew.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Samantha is prey here but not a slave, she will fight (in realistic RP) and scream continuously. Easily caught (she does not usually run), you will need to force her physically and gag her or use fear for her life to control her. Only capture her if you are willing to be physical and use the threat of violence. I picked "Straight" as a pref since Sam is straight ICly but women are welcome to grab Sam if you want to play a forced scene with her.

You will get a lot farther if you RP an interaction rather than just start bumping out of the blue.

Please read the Pick called ~KoS~ in my profile on SL for more info.

Chris of the desert (Chris Wilder) - Bedouin

Chris of the desert (Chris Wilder)

Brought here by slavers when he was very young... Chris is from the north countries...
He worked on the slaver ship as a galley boy.... escaped at 19 when a slaver left his chains loose one late night….
Into the city he ran… but sadly a runaway cart… cut his life short.

He joined the undead and for a time, found a new family… but the darkness ate at his soul…

He heard that the Magi had a spell to bring back the undead to full life… seeing a powerful undead made whole… he worked to steal the potion from the Magi.

He drank and when he awoke was alive.

Stealing a camel, he escaped to the desert and joined the Bedu, where he has found his true home and family.

If captured he will not submit… you are better off killing him or releasing him.

He has a hatred and distrust of slavers, looks up to the Knights that have honor… does not know what to think of the Djinn and still has respect for his former undead… but works to get them the Magi spell.

Chris has also found a new elixir from the city healer that can also save the undead….

Chris also enjoys the company of beautiful women… and when they please him he will release them. He will never sell his captives, releasing them instead… He also is known to take a gold ring or two off of the dead left after a battle…

He also will kill anyone that attacks his tribe or gets in his way during a chase… be warned.

Aislinn The Celt (Aislinn Jakob) - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Aislinn Jakob called Aislinn The Celt.

Age (if you have any): Old Enough to have lived a lot of terror and young enough to be carefree.

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/slave - Hard

Brief background story of your character:

My name is Aislinn. Aislinn the celt because i come from a powerful celt tribe, The Nervii. I am the only one in Kingdom of Sand. My native language is french. Nervii are the most wild and the most bellicose of the region. They have warlike character and a big courage.

My brothers and me are raised by our father, the druid of the tribe, Arzhel. My brothers, Gaƫl and Merig, are audacious and valorous warriors. They look after me. I learn reading and writing, medecine of plants with my father.

During the celebration of Lughnasad, the Leader of the tribe decides to take a common law wife with the agreement of his wife. I become then the mistress of the leader the time of one year. Wife of the leader accepts badly the situation because i am the favourite and she tries several times to kill me.
Impossible for me to ask for justice to the druid : he is my father and cannot have a correct judgement.
To protect me, i decide therefore to break the contract by fleeing. i leave then on board of a boat with my brothers. i decided to join the Galate tribe, installed in Asia Minor. Our boat is then attacked by pirates, Salvers. My brothers, died in battle, fought bravely to save my life.
Now, proud an wild Aislinn became a slave and disembarks on Kigdom of Sand.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

I have the temper of my tribe.
Audacious, sure of me, i am a joyful, passionate woman with a lively mind.
Often indomitable, i get easily angered and take risks for my life.
When i lose control of myself (anger or passion), i speak french.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kaliani Bravin - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Kaliani Bravin

Age: 23

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character:
Orphaned at a young age she stole to stay alive,sleeping wherever she could,eating whatever she found.Unfortunatly though she stole from the wrong person and was sold into slavery.One day a family purchased her and brought her into their house.They were very kind and treated her well.But several months later the family was killed in a raid and the slaves were taken and sold.Half went to the capital the other half,herself included went to an island which she would later find out was called the Kingdom of Sand.She now spends her days here,meeting new people and enjoying her new life.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
She is very kindhearted and sweet.But her only flaw is her temper which she tends to lose occasionly and usually ends in trouble.

Ulric Dalglish - Master of the Ship Inn

SL Name: Ulric Dalglish

Character back story....
"A Celt, a warrior from the province of Leinster. His lands were taken by the Norman/British invaders under Strongbow. He spent a short time trying to raise the clans against the invaders but they had no stomach for war. In disgust he signed up with a mercenary band to fight for the king of the Franks. After several years fighting in many local wars throughout Iberia, Frankia, Germania and Italia, he heard that life is good in Byzantium. He found his way to the eastern Mediterranean but soon fell afoul of a Janissary commander who hated Celts. He had to leave the city state quickly. There was only one ship available: a slaver bound for Ireem. He signed up and found himself in the blazing heat of the middle east. He misses the green pastures and woodlands of his emerald isle but he is determined to make a contribution to his new clan of Slavers until he works out how to return home. By nature, he is not cruel. He is quiet and tough and will not be pushed around. A dependable friend and an implacable enemy."

Monday, September 15, 2008

Aasiyah bint Malika bint Nur Al-Nar (Jaguar Costantine) - Djinn

SL Name: Jaguar Costantine
KoS Name: Aasiyah bint Malika bint Nur Al-Nar

Group/Role: Djinn

And as under humans there are such under the Dschinn also with a bad character, usually however with a little of both. - which they however all have together, is their shyness at humans. Meetings between both are thus coincidental nature or by humans consciously by praying to (e.g. by quoting or wrong quoting of verses from the Koran, over a medium such as water, fire, earth, air, wood, paper, etc.) be forced. This swearing to prepares however tremendous pain for the Dschinn, which why they cooperate only reluctantly with humans, but rather its desires defeats, to whose disadvantage lays out or, avenges themselves in the worst case even at more conjurer. Bribery attempts are more advisable from there than obligation.

Mortal being, you have 3 wishes, if you have got defeated me. But be carefull, I fulfill them to you. Thus considers, what you wish yourself…
I belong to the Ifrit and my element is the burning fire. Born in a volcano, grown up under the hot midday sun of the desert. My skin burns… in degrees i think you call these measures 100 degres Celsius.
Mortally, touch me and burn. You do it only once. That I swear to you.
You can catch me, you can force me to fulfill your wishes, those you have three at number. However, once your wishes are fulfilled, you have to let me go.
You cant force me to do anything that i dont want to do, without wishing yourself that i doing what you want me to do. If you want to have my attention, i want to hear your Wish.

I am Ifrit and treacherously… My destruction impulse is boundless.
How did I become all these, you ask me?
Let me tell you my history:
Once, hundreds of years ago, when the wishes were still alive, I lived as an advisor of the wise king Sulejman in the city Al Kuds. I saw the golden temple and I heard the lovely voice of the queen Balqis, how she gave Sulejman up mystery…. But I fell in disgrace, and the king banished me in this jug on the ground of the sea. The time became long, and so I spoke all the time a sentence before me: Who frees me, I make the most powerful ruler of the world! Perhaps but you know, how quickly words wear themselves out….after one hundred years this sentence was used up. Thus I spoke another: who frees me, I make immeasurably rich!. .but what do you think, also this sentence were after one hundred years worn out, and so I changed from boredom now and then my promise, until I spoke finally in wrathful rage: Who gives me the freedom, which I will kill!

I was freed, and someone had to die for it.

Are you strong enough to handle me?

ooc: If i loose a fight, and you have got captured me, treat me like a Djinn and not like a woman. I WONT please you. We WONT have got sexual meetings or discussions. I WONT kiss you. Dont ask sex from me. I am a brutal Djinn, and so i am acting. I am no little, cute woman who is saying "Yes Master".
Treat me like a creature who was born from pure fire, lived in the sands of the desert and eats rare meat.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skyakana Staheli - Knight

Name Skyakana Staheli

Age 238 AD my last memory of a date

Your group/occupation/level:

Brief background story of your character:
My heart beats faster than yours. The alchemist priests implanted an intricate device that enables my blood to flow clean with every heartbeat. This tiny piece of the purist gold lets me live and live and live. The magnetic components pull at the heartbeats of those who are close. When my heart beats faster, the heart of the close one also beats to my rhythm. A few seconds, a few minutes, and it is over.
This synchronization of heart can cause the death of those I hold dear. My lost mother, the Lady Galadriel, told me that my heart would beat true for the knight that was my one love. Many have drawn near since I was separated from my mother. Many have died in my arms. I retain my innocence of spirit and body.
Sir Gottfried was my father. My sister Spring and I lived a life of tranquil joy in our little kingdom. The sweet memory of Spring’s protection helps me to face the many trials that falls on one like me. I transport my mind to the innocence of dancing and playing in the Kingdom Palmserret.
There was trouble in the wind. I felt the arms of my parents and sister draw me close. I spent more time with the alchemists, where the terror of what was to come was suppressed by their remedies.
The marauders of Glom crashed like thunder into our little kingdom. My sister clasped my hand into a vice grip and hard we ran from the marauders. We ran until our breath was gone, collapsing into a dark tree cave, listening to the thump of men’s feet clawing the ground, louder and louder.
Spring gave me a vile of bitter juice to swallow. The smell of male sweat was all around as I smothered my face in her shoulder, panting, crying, afraid. The world turned to haze as they dragged us back to their camp. Spring and I were violently separated from our death grip. I felt the hugeness of a man climb on me. My heart beat wild drumbeats. He was wet with dirty odors. He crushed me with his weight. And then, he fell limp and cold. Squirming to free myself from the weight of a dead man, I crawled into the night. I know now what killed the savage. Many times I have seen it happen since that nightmare moment. I now search the dessert for my sister, for my knight, for peace. Perhaps my parents are still alive. Perhaps it is just the dreams of long ago past..

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
The bridge of beats is both a strength and a flaw. Skyakana has a pure heart and a need to be close to those who can synchronize for a few minutes without harm to themselves

Friday, September 12, 2008

Raychelle Blaisdale - Magi

Name: Raychelle Blaisdale

Age: unknown

Your group/occupation/level: Magi, Apprentice

Brief background story of your character:

Found stumbling about soaking wet from having crawled from the sea, she was taken in by a kind and curious group of slave girls. The girls counseled her and tried to teacher her the ways of slave life. Her eagerness to please others and her trusting soul led her to submit to her first collar, a binding that lasted only long enough to strip her of her innoncence before she came to her senses and managed to escape.

Not long after, when the hardships of her life had already become more than unbearable, she was discovered by a Magi. With his powers he removed the collar, and healed her wounds. All the while she was recovering she listened to the words of the Magi around her. When she became well again the Magi beckoned her to stay and study among them. Fearing for her safety, should she fall into the wrong hands again, she agreed to commit herself to the Magi forever.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Most often a gentle and kind soul; a loyal friend and subbmissive, if one should ever be so lucky again to have her.

Her determination to submit only to the one who is deserving of her gifts keeps her true to the Magi where any Dom would have to attack and win in battle in order to achieve such a privilege.

Be careful! This sweet little butterfly can now sting like a bee!

Jasmine (Kylara Kuhn) - Prey/Slave & Bedouin

Name: Kylara Kuhn (KoS Name: Jasmine)

Age (if you have any): 23

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/Slave - but can be Bedouin too

Brief background story of your character:

Jasmine was born 23 years ago in the loving care of her mother, somewhere in a country far north from where she is in her present days. As long as she can remember there was always her mother and her 2 year older sister Kylara that she always shortened to "Kyla".

Kyla and Jasmine were inseparable even if looking different. Kyla was black haired, fair skinned, with a small but distinctive tear-shaped mole on her left shoulder and with the blue eyes of her mother. Jasmine was all the same except for her totally blond hair. Their mother had told them that after her husband died, she had had a short affair with a noble that promised her the world but left her with Jasmine. Then again... Jasmine was always made to feel by her mother and older sis that the world revolved around her. So in a twisted way the noble kept his promise.

Often as Jas and Kyla wandered beneath the silvery light of the stars, she thought that, for the time being, they were as happy as mortals could be. Young sisterly love knit the air in a charmed silver mist around them. And often they trod the wave-washed shore, always with their eyes turned towards the future.

Thus while the years slid fluidly by and Jasmine dreamed about the green fresh verdure of existence, she was softly put to sleep by the sweetest voice of a siren. Poor, naive and trusting girl she was. She could not see how hard the bridge was rocking upon which her feet rested. How slippery and unsubstantial was the flowery slope on which she stood? There she rested, basking in the soft glow of her happiness, together with her sister. Yet, she did not see the clouds, dark and charged with thunder that rose up quickly to bide the stars from her view

Shortly after her 16th birthday, out of nowhere, when the family had just gone to bed, three men, sweaty and smelly but heavily armed, bust through the door of the small room they were in. Kyla and Jas were quickly tied up while their mother was stripped and ready to be raped by two of them when she suddenly and totally unexpected saw her chance: She picked up a forgotten knife and without thinking twice, buried it to its hilt in one of the men's chest.

Rage replaced the euphoric feelings the other two must have had, which sealed her mother's fate. With a simple thrust of a sword, her mother's fight was over. Jasmine and Kyla looked in shock and were not able to do anything but stare as their mother's life quickly fled her.

It would not be the last time they saw the colour of death.
Truly, death is like a thief in the night. With it's still, feline tread, it entered their chambers and stole their mother's breath away without any warning of it's coming!

Shortly after, Jasmine and Kyla were separated. It would be the last time Jasmine ever saw her sister alive. She was sold in slavery, way south to where she had grown up, becoming one of the girls in a foreign warlord's harem. He did not care for her age and pleads not to touch her. He couldn't even understand her but still made her his favourite. Jasmine was nothing more than a slave there though, the older women in the harem jealous and her Master cruel and cold.

After an exceptional cruel treatment one night, she was laying next to him, softly sobbing so he would not hear it. There she saw a small bended dagger on a stool on which he had thrown his clothes before raping her. She remembered her mother's action which led to her death, vividly . Then again, death was not unwelcome to her at that time as life without freedom seemed unthinkable.

As in a dream, completely detached from herself she reached out for it; she didn't even have to stand up. Slowly turning to her Master, she looked at him for some minutes. She might not have had the courage to go on with it if one thing would have been different: He lay there with his face towards her. The arrogant features were clearly visible, the satisfied grin on his face still there. It was too much for Jasmine and with one, fairly supple move, she cut his throat. The grin disappeared instantly. Jasmine watched calmly while he was holding his throat and gasped for air, air that was not his to claim anymore. Without much of a sound he died.

Only then it was that Jasmine realised what she had done, realised that a fate worse than death would be hers if she stayed so she slipped out of his room, not even looking at the two guards. They were not surprised when a slavegirl left his quarters. As long as nobody complained from within her Master's chambers, they would not hinder anybody coming out.

She was somehow able to get away, something she thought about doing numerous times, but never dared to, fleeing into the desert without even thinking if she actually could escape. More dead than alive, she was picked up by a tribe of Bedouins that took her into their camp. Yes, she had to work there but she was never made to feel a slave again.

Then there came a day when the Bedouins were at the beautiful city Ireem that rumours reached her that a black haired girl with blue eyes had been killed by a slaver. She left the camp and went investigating. Horrified she was there when a body was recovered somewhere from a beach near Ireem. She stepped to it and almost fainted when the body had no head and a small tear-shaped mole that Jasmine knew all too well.

Whenever Jasmine hears the word slave or slaver, she is not able to help herself and goes almost crazy with an inner rage. The word "slaver" is used by herself too but from her mouth it sounds like an insult...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saiki Spirt (Saik) - Djinn

Name: Saiki Spirt (Saik)

Age: unknown

Your group/occupation/level: Djinn, prankster

Brief background story of your character:
Saik woke in a desert, the sand swiring around him, covering him. In that moment he saw a light, a black hole in the sky, surrounded by fire, and water, mingled together. Seeing this phonemonon he walked into the hole, waking in a field of flowers, a few days later, unable to remember a thing that happened, only knowing he had supernatural powers.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
tricky, but friendly and usually trusting.

Tre Marjeta - Prey/Slave

Name: Tre Marjeta

Age (if you have any): Old enough to know better, young enough not to really care.

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/Hard

Brief background story of your character:
Arrived in the sands after making sure to escape capture from slavers in another realm, a firey spirit with a razor sharp tongue and wit to match, does not take capture lightly and will generally find her way out of it. For more, read picks in profile on SL

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Sharp wit, razor tongue, strong personality, does not deal well with idiots. Tries to seek help very rarely.

Dominic Salming - Citizen / Traveler

Name: Dominic Salming

Age: 20

Group: Citizen
Occupation: Traveler

Brief background story of your character:

British born and raised, Dominic was raised by his wealthy family and educated in a private school.
He grew up with a very happy life. With a lovely and caring mother who tended to all his needed during childhood and a hardworking father whos wealth gave Dominic a childhood some could only dream for.

Dominic could be spoted a mile away from his silver hair and black clothes. Even with all of this dark clothing, Dominic has it custom made using his father's wealth to make sure that he did not bake like a cake in a oven. His silver hair coming from a mutation in his genes which simple changed his hair colour to silver.
Usually he wears a mask over his face to protect him from any sand the wind kicks up at him. He only seems to take it off while he is inside.

Having grown into a adult, Dominic was always keen and travelling the world. Exploring places such as Africa, India, Asia and now Ireem. Wishing to explore much of the land and experience as much as this place has to offer.

After arriving in the main city he began to take a big liking to Ireem. The vast derserts, food, drinks and women. After experiencing so much in Ireem he made the big decision to stay, becoming a citizen of the city. Using small bits of his father's wealth to go by.
During one of his travels in Ireem, Dominic was attacked by a wild animal, savage in its attack. Dominic struggled with it while, pounced on his face it managed to give Dominic a deep criss-cross cut on his face. Managing to grab a stone and wack the animal in the head untill it stopped it attack, Dominic stuggled to return to the city for treament, follow alot of blood loss it was lucky he didn't pass out from the wound. The cut eventually healed, but left a criss-crossed scar on his cheek.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Personality: Even though he was spoiled as a child, Dominic has no learnt alot of the hardships in life, having to constantly take care of himself. He carries a strong and charming british accent. He has the manners of a gentleman. Even though these is sometimes lost when he has had a few to many drinks or is in a bad mood. Even with his education and manners he is still a man, a man who enjoys his drink and women. Yes the women at Ireem make his head twist and turn everywhere. Using some of his british charm he tried to flirt alot with them. Especially when he has had to many drinks.
Even from all of his manly desires, he is a kind hearted and caring person. Having a gently voice that can reasure anyone. He is fair and will always try and defend those who can.
Dominic is not a fighter and his wishes it stay that way. He dislikes voilence and wishes to stay out of trouble. But he will try his best to defend anyone who can't. Even if he has to grab a stone of stick to do it.

Strengths: Sociable, humorous and a gentleman. He can be quite the charmer as well. He enjoys a good drink and lets to socialise with people.
Flaws: Not alot of fighting skills to defend himself with. He also hate rudeness and will give a good british talking to, to whoever is being rude towards him.
From still learning about Ireem this can make him uncertain about things and make him confused sometimes when people try to correct him, weather it be from speical greetings or traditions.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Data Transfer between Versions - How to upgrade right

When you attach your meter 0.12, the meter itself will call the server, and a new version 0.15 will be delivered to you. Then detach version 0.12 and wear version 0.15.
When you wear it the first time, default values and numbers will be shown. Just wait. It will start importing your data. In the meantime do not run setup or perform operations until it confirms that the import is completed.

If something goes wrong, follow instruction below:
- DELETE all copies version 0.15
- DETACH meter
- WEAR meter 0.12
- you will receive a new 0.15 folder
- WEAR meter 0.15
- At first, you may see all zeroes in your scores. Wait a minute. The meter will show 'Importing Data. Wait...'
- DATA will be transfer within a minute, and you old scores will reappear again in your new meter.
- DO NOT RUN 'SETUP' before the Data Import is complete.
- KEEP meter 0.08 and 0.10 and 0.11 and 0.12 (just in case)
- DO NOT use DISPENSER JARS. They are for NEW players.
- IF you don't receive ANY 0.15 folder, maybe you are BUSY, or you have muted Kora Zenovka

Note: if you are currently captured, and your owner is not in the SIM, your meter will probably display a date and you will be frozen. Click on your body and unfreeze yourself. That it will fix the ownername etc. This was not meant to be like that. It is a last minute bug :)

Note: The only meters who had problems with the upgrade was 0.08 prey/slave meter when the player is currently capture. The meter itself is probably throwing errors. In that case, you won't be able to upgrade.

Note: This note will work also for upgrade from any 0.08/0.10/0.11/0.12 directly to 0.15.

Version 0.15 is Out (Without Mono)

The Mono turned out to be a fiasco -- at least for now. I think that Linden Labs still need to do some work on it.
The new version 0.15 is still in LSL and with the few bugfixes. And it is optional.
There are a few performance improvement, and it is advisable to do it when you get a chance.

If you have any problem with data transfer, please keep using 0.12

Version 0.14 is out (Mono Compiled)

We have released the new Tag and HUD compiled in Mono.
Please DO NOT DELETE the version 0.12.
There have been very little testing done on the main grid with Mono, so let's hope for the best.
We also added a few bugfixes (see below).
Good luck :)

Release 0.14

New features:
- The code is compiled with Mono now (tag and HUD).

- The safezones in the HUD should be fixed (green or red, based on the group)
- As soon as you wear a new version of the meter, the stats shows "Importing data. Wait.."
- After being killed, the health is restored at 25% instead of 15%, just to give you the time to run away to a safe zone.
- THe default difficulty level for new preys is 'medium' instead of 'easy'