Monday, September 1, 2008

Version 0.14 is out (Mono Compiled)

We have released the new Tag and HUD compiled in Mono.
Please DO NOT DELETE the version 0.12.
There have been very little testing done on the main grid with Mono, so let's hope for the best.
We also added a few bugfixes (see below).
Good luck :)

Release 0.14

New features:
- The code is compiled with Mono now (tag and HUD).

- The safezones in the HUD should be fixed (green or red, based on the group)
- As soon as you wear a new version of the meter, the stats shows "Importing data. Wait.."
- After being killed, the health is restored at 25% instead of 15%, just to give you the time to run away to a safe zone.
- THe default difficulty level for new preys is 'medium' instead of 'easy'

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