Monday, September 15, 2008

Aasiyah bint Malika bint Nur Al-Nar (Jaguar Costantine) - Djinn

SL Name: Jaguar Costantine
KoS Name: Aasiyah bint Malika bint Nur Al-Nar

Group/Role: Djinn

And as under humans there are such under the Dschinn also with a bad character, usually however with a little of both. - which they however all have together, is their shyness at humans. Meetings between both are thus coincidental nature or by humans consciously by praying to (e.g. by quoting or wrong quoting of verses from the Koran, over a medium such as water, fire, earth, air, wood, paper, etc.) be forced. This swearing to prepares however tremendous pain for the Dschinn, which why they cooperate only reluctantly with humans, but rather its desires defeats, to whose disadvantage lays out or, avenges themselves in the worst case even at more conjurer. Bribery attempts are more advisable from there than obligation.

Mortal being, you have 3 wishes, if you have got defeated me. But be carefull, I fulfill them to you. Thus considers, what you wish yourself…
I belong to the Ifrit and my element is the burning fire. Born in a volcano, grown up under the hot midday sun of the desert. My skin burns… in degrees i think you call these measures 100 degres Celsius.
Mortally, touch me and burn. You do it only once. That I swear to you.
You can catch me, you can force me to fulfill your wishes, those you have three at number. However, once your wishes are fulfilled, you have to let me go.
You cant force me to do anything that i dont want to do, without wishing yourself that i doing what you want me to do. If you want to have my attention, i want to hear your Wish.

I am Ifrit and treacherously… My destruction impulse is boundless.
How did I become all these, you ask me?
Let me tell you my history:
Once, hundreds of years ago, when the wishes were still alive, I lived as an advisor of the wise king Sulejman in the city Al Kuds. I saw the golden temple and I heard the lovely voice of the queen Balqis, how she gave Sulejman up mystery…. But I fell in disgrace, and the king banished me in this jug on the ground of the sea. The time became long, and so I spoke all the time a sentence before me: Who frees me, I make the most powerful ruler of the world! Perhaps but you know, how quickly words wear themselves out….after one hundred years this sentence was used up. Thus I spoke another: who frees me, I make immeasurably rich!. .but what do you think, also this sentence were after one hundred years worn out, and so I changed from boredom now and then my promise, until I spoke finally in wrathful rage: Who gives me the freedom, which I will kill!

I was freed, and someone had to die for it.

Are you strong enough to handle me?

ooc: If i loose a fight, and you have got captured me, treat me like a Djinn and not like a woman. I WONT please you. We WONT have got sexual meetings or discussions. I WONT kiss you. Dont ask sex from me. I am a brutal Djinn, and so i am acting. I am no little, cute woman who is saying "Yes Master".
Treat me like a creature who was born from pure fire, lived in the sands of the desert and eats rare meat.

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