Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pawlaew Navarathna (Paw) - Knight

Name (Full SL Name): Pawlaew Navarathna (Paw)

KOS Name: Price Kamala, Noble Knight

Your group/occupation/level: Knight/Paige

Brief background story of your character:

King Kamala is from the distant land of Thibes, a kingdom across the great desert. Kamala is a direct decendant of the great King of Thibes. However, he was overthrown by the rival member of his royal family. His evil step queen poisoned his Father King Ramsey. She order the royal guards to take Prince Kamala to the desert and have him killed. However the young prince escaped and wander the desert for 3 months and found his way to the Kingdom of Sand.
So now lost and alone, the great prince turned knight will need a new kingdom, new allies and new companionships. His is often found in the palace and city of Ireem.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Prince Kamala is young, impatience and hot headed. He is quite charming to the citizen and slaves. Other knight sometime find him a great allie and some can not stand him. He take strong attraction to some undead because of they intrique him especially the females. He is curious about the dark arts and often seen with Elder the local citizen of Ireem.

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