Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meagan Ling - Bath House Owner

Name: Meagan Ling

Position: Citizen / Bath House Owner

Meagan Ling grew up among a nomadic family of merchants, having no memories of her life before that. Wandering the desert, they traded goods between various towns for sustenance. Naturally curious and a little adventurous, she would often seek out landmarks they spotted in their travels. One day she was exploring one such cave, and suddenly heard a terrible din. Running back to the mouth of the cave, she found herself trapped inside by a sandstorm. Moving back into the cave for safety, she waited what seemed like an eternity for the sound to subside, eventually slipping into an uneasy slumber.

Waking up with a start, she recalled the events of the previous day and hurried to the mouth of the cave. Finding most of the landscape had changed, she took comfort that their camp was just a straight line exiting the mouth of the cave. She rushed out seeking her family's caravan, her heart beating faster as she realized that all traces of their camp had been erased. Seeing no sign of a trail, she grew increasingly fearful of her family's safety. She searched for days in the sands to no avail. Her water supply running low and and feeling alone and desparate, she saw on the horizon what was either a mirage or a city. With no other place to go, hoping that it was real, and daring to think that her family had also found solace there, she walked on toward what would be either a safe refuge or a slow and painful death.

Reaching the city by the light of the moon, and filled with relief that it was not simply a mirage, she refilled her water pouch near the entrance. Her curiosity getting the better of her as it often did, she explored outside the gates, unsure of if she had been to this place before. Following the gate's wall, she found herself in an empty gathering place with a platform next to a great arena. Walking up to the platform, she read the description and her face turned pale; this place was intended for selling slaves. Wondering if this is was the fate of her family, and seeking to avoid such a fate herself, she found a hiding place in a nearby cave for the night and waited for the city's gates to open in the morning.

Sneaking in through the gates and hiding her face under her caftan, Meagan wandered the city looking for her family. Alone, having no money, and hearing only tales of conflict and woe, she wondered what cruel fate might have met her family and might still befall her. Happening upon a bath house she looked longingly inside, the scent of the bath oils and soaps reminding her of gentler times, the sand covering her clothes and the dust caked on her skin. The kind proprietor spotted her and walked over, inviting her in and allowing her to bathe, despite bringing no money.

Thanking the owner for her kindness, Meagan confided what had happened to her family. Taking Meagan under her wing, the woman gave her a job in the bath house and helped her to find a place to stay. Feeling indebted to the woman, Meagan did her best in her work at the bath house. Eventually the owner of the bath house came to Meagan with the news that she would be moving to another city, and offered Meagan ownership of the bath house business. Amazed by the owner's generosity, Meagan gratefully accepted and vowed to herself to be as kind and generous to all as the woman had been to her.

Ever the patient listener, Meagan runs the bath house, and hopes one day to hear anything that might lead her back to her family.

* Insatiably curious, which sometimes gets her in trouble.
* Gossip hound (which can also get her in trouble)
* Loves to go out and explore!
* Tries to be helpful
* Sometimes writes about herself in the third person

Shopping: She does the shopping for the bath house
Aromatherapy: Bath & Body Works, here she comes!
Friendly chat: Esp. any little juicy tidbits she might hear during a conversation.

Violence: She will not fight, although she looks kindly on those who would defend others.
Slavery: The human trade in Ireem disgusts her.
Uncleanliness: There's a perfectly good bath house in Ireem, no excuses.

Undead: She's mortified by the thought of the dead walking around.
Sandstorms: Possibly the only survivor from her family of the sandstorm that brought her to Ireem, she's a little sensitive about the subject.

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