Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kalt Grut - Prey/Slave

Name: Kalt Grut - Prey/Slave

Age: Nineteen Autumns

Group: Slave

Breif History: Recently pulled from the stocks and cargo hold of one of the many supply ships that visits Ireem, the female Lycan hybrid was cleaned up and was attempted to be sold as 'supply.' Her current asking price was 500 gold. Her elegant appreance was well maintained in and out of the stocks, however, it was hard to keep her within the confines of bars and shackles. Before being sold she was able to slip past a few guards and find her way into the crowds and city dwellings to hide. She is very much a slave to be acquired. A rare breed was brought to the kingdom, but will the rarity of such a beauty survive with such a hostile attitude? Or will she fall to a collar and leash? As of current, Kalt now lurks within the shadows and dark corners of Ireem, sometimes even found in the castle. Who will be the one to take claim upon her and find out how she became what she is today?

OOC Notes: Kalt isn't one to submit so willingly. Treat her like she was born from the purest of hatred. A beast. She wont be the one to kneel down so quickly and be "Yes Master." This is a slave who will need a great deal of 'forceful persuading.' She has a huge mouth on her, she'll talk back, and attempt to make you look like a fool. Don't be afraid of a little challenge!

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