Saturday, October 11, 2008

Elder Lubitsch - Citizen/ Hospitality Generalist

NAME: Elder Lubitsch

AGE: Every gray hair has been well-earned, but not falling out

STATUS/OCCUPATION: Citizen/ Hospitality Generalist

BIO: Elder was born in northern cold forest country of devout Christian parents. As a young boy he was placed with friars who follow Brother Francis, and learned Latin, other languages, history, theology, calligraphy and other acadamic subjects as well as a stong sense of service and hospitality. However he left as a young man before becoming a priest because he could not fully commit to the vows required.
After more studies in the secular world, he became a soldier and experenced extended bloody combat in Asia (not Palestine), leaving wounded and finished with fighting.

With his military booty he continued studies to became an advocate/counsellor, and had a successful career in the service of a southern king. Much of his prior work involved helping businesses find qualified workers, and helping citizens and slaves find work or the skills needed for work. He particularly strove to liberate slaves through work. He also married and raised several children in that kingdom
When his favorite king died, Elder decided to move on, and make a change in life while not too old, but still healthy, vigorous and interested.

After exploring the options of pred, prey, citizen and other occupations, he opted not to engage in pursuit/capture or offensive fighting, and became a citizen and hospitality host/worker. He has served as bouncer, greeter and acting manager at Cafe Arabesque, and is a part-time masseur/bath attendant trianee at the nearby Hammam bath house, also encouraging cooperation and reciprocal referrals/promotions among all inns, taverns and hospitality services in the kingdom.

TRAITS, LIKES, DISLIKES: Elder is a gregarious, optimistic, friendly host and loyal friend/co-worker. He loves to jest, be surrounded with lovely ladies, and have a drink with friends. His accent/spelling is atrocious but can slow down to express more understandably. He avoids fights where possible but will defend friends to the death, and try to liberate unwillingly-captured slaves where ever possible and protect the sultana and her interests. He cannot abide by cruelty, dishonesty or malice, but is tolerant of human frailties, which he shares


Ulric the Celt said...

Elder you are one of Ireem's few gentlemen. You always have a nice word to say and you always try to make people happy and comfortable. Welcome to Ireem my friend and success in all that you do.

Anonymous said...

DOM Elder, you are like a father to me. I enjoy our chat everytime we meet.

We are so fortunate to have you in our fair city of ireem