Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bree (Bryselle McCallen) - Librarian

Name: Bree
(SL Name: Bryselle McCallen)

Occupation: KoS Librarian

Age: Ageless

Personality: Quiet and reserved, redeemed from a lifetime of impetuous living

I was born of a beautiful odalisque, my father from the high house of Yahya ibn Khalid, a cold and calculating Vizier. My destiny most likely to be trained in the ways of my now deceased mother except my behavior was that of a spoiled and careless girl, a personality I shared unfortunately with my mother who found in the end led her in the hands of one jealous other harem girl who poisoned her over a piece of jewelry a lover had given her. Of course even such petty treachery is not tolerated in a sultan's harem and her life was ended just as my mother's.

And so as I grew I became more petulant and clever which was not acceptable in the palace by any man. The Vizier finally heard word of this as he did not take kindly to my feisty behavior sending me to be done away with. I was taken by force and led to the river to be weighted and flung into its depths but in a last moment of thought the men decided to sell me to a slave caravan and fake my death. I had hardly regained my breath from what i thought my demise than to be held captive by two inept men who smelled of camels and dung. I awaited my chances and had the fortune of slipping away as the slavers became inebriated leaving me to calculate my escape. Wandering at times as a boy to evade being captured I learned many fine arts such as thievery, pick pocketing, gambling and lying with the subtleness of any true innocent.

I wandered with caravan to caravan as a boy for the most part, staying in barns and seedy inns, sleeping anywhere i could find shelter. My life was becoming a series of days just trying to exist until I came upon Ireem. I did not consciously arrive mind you, but awoke there, after a badly cooked meal and possibly tainted mead. I found myself in the desert not far from the rising towers of the palace, but before I could even crawl my way there I was terrorized by predators. Having the nature of a fox I was able to slink out of any bindings..and slip away until I finally found myself in the city. There I was mesmerized by all the activities, the food, the laughter, the abundance of wealth where I made good with my skills pilfering food when needed and slipping off with beautiful silks and baubles as I was able. A slaver befriended me and helped me with coin and introduced me to the aged librarian.

It was this elderly man, the librarian, who taught this bedraggled soul to read and behave as a woman of station, though deep in my soul I do not think the desert will ever leave my bones. He soon allowed me a job at the ancient library and then as he passed away it was placed in my hands to care for. It is better than living in the squalor of barns and sleeping on dirty floors and so I have him to thank for that. But, it has changed me in ways that I have found enlightening and yet troublesome. Trusting anyone has never been and is now not easy. I speak little and watch more closely. I find the factions in Ireem full of unvented aggression and knowing all that enter here will never leave and those that do?..Well my dear reader I have no answer about that, but if I do you will be the first to know....

All I know is I am here. I am citizen and I am faithful to the Sultana and this city for saving me from derelict life.

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