Thursday, October 9, 2008

Salena Larsen - Prey/Slave

SL Name: Salena Larsen

Role: Prey/Slave

Salena was born into a family of Nobles, raised with the finest of everything and growing up refined among the rich. One dreary night, raiders and outlaws stormed her fathers lands and destroyed his castle, killing the servants not working of selling and kidnapping those that were. Her father and mother was killed in the raid, but Salena managed to slip away into the night. She was captured by slavers not long after, but she managed to get away and found some gypsys in her travels, leaning her ways but always keeping her upbringing a secret as she was in line to marry a handsome prince. After learning the hard life living with the gypsies, she separated from them, always running trying to find peace and safety. Then one day she stumbled into a desert, walking with a heavy heart as her memories drifted back of what had happened in her life as the sun beat down heavily upon her. She came upon the Kingdom in the Sands, still running from slavers and bedouins, plus others that want to enslave her, she just hopes she can continue to run and be safe. Finding a few friends among her sister slaves and some Noble Brave Knights, she can breathe safely at times. She will continue her travels with a heavy heart for those she loved.

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