Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've got this notecard from Salena - this is RL.

Last Friday at work at about 0215 a co-worker called paramedic's...I was taken to the ER ( emergency room) where tests were done and EKG as it was thought maybe I was having a heart attack. After all tests came back negative and against the ER Doctors advise I went home and took Friday night off work.

During the weekend, I keep getting the same systoms, but I was able to relax and do some breathing exercises and the symtoms let up. But they continued thru the whole weekend, then come Monday I had a few symtoms come back again and ease up for awhile. I had a few errands to run which I did. Come about 11 a.m. RL time the systoms started in again but this time they were not letting up. This continued most of the afternoon. I did try to call the Dr's ofc answer. then finally around 3 pm RL time someone from the Dr's ofc called and said get to the ER immediately. So I got into My car and turned let at the corner and don't remember anything till I came too after, in which I'd had a heart attack, from what the police said, the car flipped and rolled bit a tree and landed on its side. Paramedics came, had to use the jaw's of life, a cutting tool to get me out of the car, got me into the ambulance and got me prepped for the ER at the hospitial, I remember being asked alot of questions, not sure what I said or how I answered. Was taken to a CT Scan to check for any internal injuries or other trauma....which they found the left side of My face was fractured in 2 places. One fracture is along the nasal passage the other is under the left eye the bone for the eye socket. Plus 14 stitches along the lines of the nose and upper lip. A stent was placed in a vein that the Doctor called the widow maker, I guess from the descriptions and what was said once it blows out your dead, he said I was lucky to be alive more so cause of the accident. My face is completely black and blue and partly swollen, My entire left breast is black ad blue and swollen, and a large area from left breast under the right and down across the ribs is entirely black and blue from the seat beat. But I'm on meds...getting better just need to relax a few more days, I'll be on hearts meds for awhile and Dr did say NO major damage from the attack was permanent to my heart.

I love all you that missed I missed all of you too...kisses
Love Salena


Anonymous said...

I wish you to recover very quickly.
I hope to see you soon in good health.

Bon rétablissement.

Aislinn Jakob

marcus sack said...

Thank God you're okay! Hope you have a speedy recovery.