Sunday, October 5, 2008

Grizel Halberstadt - Slave

Grizel Halberstadt

While she does not like the word slave, she refuses to be considered ‘prey’.

She has taken a long route here from Scotland. Grizel was shopping for fish at the town market when she she turned a corner and was hit with something heavy. She woke up in chains in the pitch black bowels of a ship. Within a few days she was on her way to Spain and was sold with a hold full of other slaves headed for Ireem. It was a long journey, and many died. She saw and endured unspeakable things and as a result she has a hatred for slavers and can often be found insulting them and throwing rocks at their heads. She would do anything to escape a slaver.

She’s been called feisty, fiery and trouble. If you are looking for an obedient slave to call you ‘Master’ and do your bidding, catch someone else. She prides herself on being fast and tricky and has evaded capture many times.

She loves to explore the city and often her fascination with the sharks off the dock has gotten her into trouble. She missed the green of her homeland, and will sometimes talk about it. She will help out newcomers and explorers who need a friendly guide, or as much as she can before some one starts chasing her again.

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