Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party next Saturday!

To the good citizens or Ireem!

In celebration of the safe return of our valued healer, Lady Kerrina, the palace invites you to a party in the event tent!

A magic carpet will be provided to transport guests to the event tent.

The Sultana herself will be in attendance, and will bestow her thanks upon those who assisted the healer in her time of need.

Due to the recent assassination attempts on the lives of palace employees, and other dire threats, rumors, and evidences, security at the event will be unusually high. You will be required to leave your weapons at the door.

The palace will make up for any inconvenience, however, by offering the best refreshments and the loveliest dancing girls for your enjoyment.

The party will be held on Saturday, from 1:30pm - 3:30 pm, SLT.

((Predators and prey may attend, but must be in disguise -- Undead must look human, and you can add "in disguise" to your tag.))

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