Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sera (Serahjim Rajal) - Djinn

Avatar Name: Serahjim Rajal
KoS Name: Known only as Sera or "The Shadow of the Sands"

Age: Unknown

Group: Djinn.

Personality/Traits: He is a quiet, calculating indvidual. To him everything has its price, and he's willing to exploit that always. He shows no loyalty to anyone or to any thing, in his eyes loyalty leads to betrayal.

Born in distant lands, Sera never knew much of his origins. He did; however; know that from a very young age he was different. He didn't understand why ?
until he stepped from the freedoms of his oasis of a home into the burning desert know as the Saleshi, it was here that he was discovered by a band of ?
guards. When asked where he came from, he led them back, not knowing that humans here loathed his kin. It wasn't two days later that he woke to his mother ?
attempting to hide him. Her commands not to move scared the charcoal skinned youth, but he obliged silently. Sera watched as his people were slaughtered by ?
xenophobic mortals who didn't care to understand many of the Djinn. As Sera watched his family die he saw something else; he saw one of his own with ? he thought a friend of his family, being paid by their leader. Originally the youth thought it was his fault that his people were killed so ?
mercilessly, but seeing one he considered a brother so willingly taking money from such a disgusting creature he knew otherwise.

Sera survived that horrid night as did many others of his kind. They rebuilt, creating barriers to keep the mortals from entering their home uninvited ever ?
again. He grew up with a hatred for the kingdom a hatred that burned so strong it allowed him to assassinate several prominent faces and hurt trade. He and ?
his people became the embodiment of everything the mortals feared they would be, they became the wrath of the Djinn that had been so mercilessly slain all ?
those years ago...most of whom weren't full blooded. It was this slaughter that led to awakening of a force beyond both of their powers. A demonic entity ?
that required them to seek the mortals' assistance.

Then they were betrayed again...The mortals aided them in the destruction of this beast, a beast that left Sera scarred and beaten. It was right after the ?
defeat that they marched into the Djinn home that they were welcomed to by Sera and his brothers to plan their attack. His entire people were slaughtered, ?
he survived only because they thought him to be dead as well. The anger became something beyond his control, it consumed him. He sought out the home of the ?
mortals, entering through the main gates and killing all in his wake. This hatred that burned within him was far beyond anything he had ever ? gave him so much power. He had made it to the main gates of the palace with no problems, when he entered the king was waiting for him.

The man made him an offer, trying to buy his loyalty with pieces of gold and promises of glory. He to was cut down in the rage of this young Djinn. When it ?
was done he called the very sands to consume the city, leaving nothing but blood and memories in his wake. He turned his back on that world, seeing the ?
potential in what the sultan of the kingdom had offered. Mortals put a price on everything...even on lives. He would exploit this to its fullest, becoming ?
the thing that he had hated the most only moments ago. It was a strange change in mindsets, especially to happen so swiftly. He did not question it, though, ?
instead he decided that it would be best if he simply ignored that and stepped beyond, ready to embrace this new fate. He journeyed far and wide, finding ?
places like Europe and China. Many found his dress strange, but none questioned his eyes or his skin...most knew him as nothing more than a magic entity ?
offering his aid. They all paid well in the end, and many times he was offered a better fee by the other side. He would gladly take it and betray his ?
original cause. To him, his loyalty was only to his dead kin, they were it was for sale.

It was in these travels that he somehow stumbled into the city of Ireem, a strange sensation pulling him toward the skies. The oddest thing was not the ?
pull, but the dress of the folk in the city. They reminded him of another he thought he had forgotten. It took him days to kill the uneasy ?
feeling that he was back where he had started...and that somehow the city he destroyed had survived. When he did, though, he knew that he had nothing to ?
worry about. These people weren't the same xenophobes, they seemed to absorbed in the happenings of their city to even notice him...but one did. He bumped ?
into a man late one night as left a lodge seeking drinks, the man seemed to want to find him. He even referred to him by his full name, something he hadn't ?
heard in ages. He was given a small gem and told that the anger he felt when he destroyed the city in the saleshi could be turned out and used as pure ?
magic. The man then left, explaining nothing more and leaving Sera uneasy.

Later that night he sat upon a mortal bed within the Inn staring at the small orb he had been handed. His curiosity drove him into memories long buried. The ?
burning cities...the cries of his brethen, the hot air from the fires combined with the suffocating odor of his brethen's carcasses, and the cold earth ?
below him that night. His eyes were tightly closed as felt a strange rush, it was as if he were there again. He could feel the heat of fires against his ?
skin, then a moment later he felt the rush of cool water against him, even after that a gust of wind, finally he felt himself land upon cold stone. When he ?
opened his eyes he was someplace new and the man stood in front of him again. "Welcome to realm of the Djinn..." the man greeted him with a smile and a ?
satchel of gold, it was then he became the Djinn of deals. He was a mercenary willing to do literally anything for the right price. He had found a new home ?
within this city, moreso within this realm. He was a shadow of his former self, and if the city wanted him then they would have to know who ask about ?
finding a shadow...

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