Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jathiss (Nesjathiss Serpente) - Citizen

Avatar Name: Nesjathiss Serpente
Character Name: Jathiss, prince of the Naga

Personality: Proud, strong willed, and often very silent. He lives for his people, but otherwise is a kind creature(at least to those who treat him with respect.)

Jathiss was born deep with the waters outside of Ireem, he grew up in the Naga capital city of Ssnarok. His life was full of chaos and war, so he never truly had the chance to visit the surface world. There were times when he poked his head from the waters and many of those times he risked losing it due to a ship or a frightened sailor.

When he heard from his father that his brothers would need to prepare to travel to the surface world he jumped, excited at the opportunity to see humans...and to see surface snakes. The Naga heard of Ireem, but they also knew of the hell that existed there, many of them could not comprehend how that species lived, their constant fighting amongst their own baffled the serptine peoples of the sea.

Jathiss' first journey to the surface world and to the city startled him at what he saw, some of the humans were actually enslaving eachother! The prince was concerned for his people, and he explained his findings to his father who was also disshelved. They vowed that they would speak with the leaders of the city, namely the sultana, to negotiate a peace between them.

Jathiss' trust for the soft skinned humans is weak, he has no faith in the creatures or their capabilities. He has high hopes for the day of his negotiations, hoping create some kind of peace between the humans and his people. He believes that a lasting peace between the two will be most prosperous against any enemy either may face.

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