Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Froukje Hoorenbeek - Barmaid of the Ship Inn

Barmaid of the Ship inn: Froukje

Brought to the desert on a slaveship from faraway northern lands, so long ago she cant even remember her last name. Her savage capturer sold her to the highest bidder, a well known brothel in the city. There she served untill a kind knight took pity and bought her freedom.

Now Froukje struggles to make a living as a barmaid in the Ship Inn. There the little slut dances for the slavers that enter the harbor, fetches their drinks, dances for them and every now and then pleasures one in a dark alley for a few dinar.

Always aware of the danger, how easily she could be enslaved again, the barmaid of the Ship inn hides a weapon under her clothes. She would rather die then be a slave again, so be warned.

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Frank said...

(smiles and dusts off his clothing before a walk that might take him to the Ship Inn for a nightcap ... making sure he has a few dinar in an outer pocket of his tunic)