Sunday, August 3, 2008

Release 0.12 coming soon

Release 0.12
- The Slave Auction Poles are now working (read below for rules) with meter v 0.12
- Slavers Camp (safe zone for slavers) is now restricted to the boat and the tents area.
- Captured players will be able to unfreeze themselves (apart from ransom). This should be used as last resource. It is always preferibly to RP some way out , but if the predator crashes and they don't have money to pay ransom, they can at least unfreeze themselves. The owner will still show up in their meter.
- Sword damage goes from 3 to 6, instead of 2-4 (so only use the NEW sword!)
- For preys ransom fee is 20 K$, instead of 50 K$ (for all other players, it stays at 50 K$, because they have more money)

- The same player cannot lose twice in a row from you. However, this can be a problem for retaliation. When a player get killed, he could go after you without consequences, while you cannot kill him again. So this has changed. Now you can kill him. He will be on the ground for 3 minutes and will lose his skilles. You won't own him and won't gain any skills points.

- First of all, if you are willing to be sold, play along. Don't just get the money and pay for your ransom fee straight away. Face your destiny as slave. Try the thrill of being owned.
- All captured players can be sold at the auctions. (not just preys, but also citizens, knights and predators that lost a fight and didn't free themselves in a way or another).
- Buyers can be all free citizens, knights or predators. If you are currently owned, you may not be a buyer. If your role is prey, you will never be a buyer (unless you find a reasonable in-character explanation for it)
- Payment will be made in KoS Dinars (K$)
- Sellers and slaves will split revenue 50-50%
- The seller MUST be present during the auction and run the auction (introducing the slave, and take care of the "business")
- During the auction potential clients can ask *ANY* questions to slave and seller, to evaluate the worth of the slave
- The slave will be sold to the highest bidder.
- The auction will last 30 minutes, but if the slave stands up before that, he/she would still be sold to the current highest bidder
- All sales are final. No refunds.
- Once the auction starts, you will receive a message on the KoS HUD (please wear it). If you are interested in the slave, just walk to the slave auction to make a bid.
- Slaves can be resold or released. Or slaves can buy their own freedom. Or they may end up to work at the harem. It is up to you.
- You will need to wear your KoS meter v 0.12.
- Explorers are not allowed to bid and buy slaves
- To place a bid, you can type in local chat:
'bid 100 Mary Sands'
- Don't bid if you don't have enough savings in K$
- As slave, please have a picture in your profile and make sure that in your own Profile, the check box ' Show in search' is checked.

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