Monday, August 18, 2008

Devlin Nightifire - Prey/Slave

Name: Devlin Nightifire

Age: 19

Group: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character:

My journey to Ireem was not an easy one. My story starts when I was but seventeen and journeying with my parents the Lord and Lady Nightfire of Scotland to Greece to meet my betroth. An arranged marriage, as was a custom in our family, for my betroth was in fact the son of my mother’s younger sister’s husband’s brother and his wife. The journey there had been uneventful, and as I was not needed for the final decision of details, being that I am mere female, I had decided to take a walk along the beach. How was I to know that this would be the last time I would see my family? I had really not wandered far when I woman came walking up to me and asked me if I wished to purchase any of fruit she had in her basket. Before I could finish taking the money out of my change purse I felt a hand slide across my waist pulling me back against his strong body in a tight grip and another across my mouth making it impossible to let out a scream. Fight as I could, I could not break his grip. All I remember is the woman saying that they needed to get me on the ship, and the next thing I knew I was waking up to find myself lying inside a locked cell in the cargo area of a boat surrounded by dozens of other girls…all of them looking frightened and hungry. There were many that I could not communicate with but there were a few that were able to tell me that I had been brought to a slave ship.

During the time on the ship, I tried to keep to myself and out of the sight of the slavers for seemed that the girls
that caught their attention also found themselves visited by them later that night. I learned many things on that voyage that I had never known in my young life. I found though later that these things that I had learned would help me to survive. It was though because of these nightly visits by the slavers that the cages were not always locked. One night as a couple of slavers where using a few of the other girls for their pleasures, I managed to get past the cage door and up the stairs to find that the ship was in fact docked at a port. I could hear the captain talking to some men about taking the slaves to market in the morning, and from the direction knew he was slowly approaching to where I was hiding so it was now or never. It was back down the stairs to a cage to be sold tomorrow or down the ramp to a town I did not know….I choose the ramp and ran straight into the night.

This is how I have found myself here in Ireem…it has been a couple years. I live my life wandering the city and surrounding desert, dancing for money and trying hard to escape from being captured.

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Frank said...

(Watches the young fugitive dance, smiling, digging into purse for a few small coins and beckoning her to dance closer)