Thursday, August 21, 2008

Atima (Choco Parx) - Prey/Slave

The past story of Atima

Atima is the first daughter of Karim Tah She Coula.
Her father was a great nubian tribes leader, whose death never has been determined, and her mother was his first wife, Imene.
She would roam the village freely as a child and picked up various skills as she was never forced to do any specific daily chores, as the children of the other wives. Although she seldom left the side of her nanny, Shippi, whose son she sometimes would play with when still a baby, she found time to listen to the merchants and traders at the nearby market.
It was planned for a very long time that Atima would become the wife of her first born cousin but as her uncle had to wait ten years for his son to arrive , no marriage have so far taken place.
When around eighteen her tribe was defeated by a beduin tribe and Atima and her mother were taken as slaves, royalty were seldom killed in these daily wars, as a kind of silent respect for each other leaders.

For a few years she was kept as a slave in the tribe leaders household where she would carrie out chores like cooking cleaning and caring for sick and wounded. Since she was schooled in writing she was also carrying out scribing.
How she come to never have to do more explicit duties is still unknown for Atima. But one would guess that her mother may have struck some kind of deal with the tribes leader.

On a transfer in search of water this new tribe were attacked by other beduins and Atima's mother killed. As a sole survivor Atima fled to the mountains where she maintained hidden until it was safe to return to the remains of her mother and grief her death..
After packing only very little she set of to find a city, knowing that the dessert does not take prisoners.
Since she knows that no one will take into consideration that she was once royal, she will now have to fight for her survival.
What lies in her future, only the stars above can tell.....

Some of you may already have met her in Ireem..

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Frank said...

I have met this girl, and she is respectful and good, a good addition to any string.

~ Frank ~