Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bellamin Exonar - Undead

I was born some 200 years ago to the wood elves off the shores of ireland. I was at a young age sold to a priate captain as a gambling debt. I served my master well on his pirate ship as cabin boy. I was always dedicated to serving the pirate king and never asked questions. For 10 years I served him honestly and with a loyalty never before seen on a pirate ship. On my 12th birthday his mistress came to my room and assured me that she was authorized to make me a man. Trusting the captaion with my heart, I believed her as well. After several hours of untold pleasures to me and her she left my room. Several minutes minutes later the crew came tearing into my room and grabbed me. I was dragged up to the plank where several cannon balls were fastened to me. The Pirate Captain then came up to me with his mistress crying, and made accusations that I raped her. Her clothes no torn to shreds and witnesses saying they saw her go to my room, gave me no chance and I was not allowed to speak. Spikes were shoved through my body while I was alive to casue massive bleeding. I was then shooved into the ocean to drawn or be eaten by Sharks, but unfortunately for me I go both. For I drowned as my body was torn apart by sharks. I was cast to hell where I had to prove my evilness if I was to ever get a chance to seek revenge. I Have learned to trust no one, to look out for myself and take what I can get however I can get it. So if I see something I want, I will take it, and that means life flesh and sexual pleasure. I am a coward so don't ask for a fair fight and watch your back.I just assume run you though while your sleeping as face you one on one. I will run if I feel I cannot win. The human race as brought this evilness to me and they have only themselves to blame. I will rape, murder, steal and sell for profit. My High priestess is who I answer to and have no desire to make friends. I am here to seek vengeance on the human race. If you do not like me don't look and don't be where I can get you. For if I do get you, you may be lucky and I'll only want your body to fulfill the lusth the pirates wife had tought me, but be prepared for me to be hungry, where human flesh is the only thing that will satisfy my hunger. IF you're really unlucky I may want both, and while having my way with you, may just take a bite. I never bite to kill for waisting life flesh like that is a waste. NO I prefer to save some for later for I never know when my next meal will come. But you can rest assure that once I am done with you I will sell you to the highest bidder. So those with life flesh, look out here I come in the name of death.

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