Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tenzing Ansar - Magi

SL Name: Tenzing Ansar
KoS Name: Hafaz Feyruuz al-Halima bint Tahir
(Guardian* Feyruuz, the gentle, daughter of Tahir)

Age: Young
Preference: None
Role: Muhaddithat (Female scholar)

Feyruuz was born to a rural Bedouin family, far to the north near Kuwait and the merchent trails. As such, her family is not pure Bedouin, her father was of Persian Ismaili origin. With such a low status among the Bedouin chieftains, her family sent her second eldest brother to the Ireem camp to bring back honour and recognition for the clan. Along with him came Feyruuz, eager to see the sights and smells of the city, with the blessings of her father in the hopes of marrying into a purer Bedouin line.
Once they arrived however the differences of conduct were immediately apparent. The traditional values of Shi'i Islam that her family had instilled in her seemed to fall away in favour of slavery, torture and death in a land Allah seemed to have forgot. It was not long afterwards that her brother Yusuf was sent to fight Djinni, and never came back. She doesn't know if he is dead, or captured, but when she thinks of the Djinn she prays for death.
With Yusuf gone, the family honour is threatened, as women are forbidden to travel alone in the Qur'an and a marriage of such a woman is not noble. Instead she took up arms, and joined the Bedouin fighters, issuing a fatwa with her religious knowledge which allowed brothers in battle to act as decent chaperones. As the only Hafaz* in the camp, she was promoted quickly to Imam as a Muhaddithat. To fulfil her role to the camp and to Allah, she keeps her chastity and is never seen without a niqab veil. All her slaves she gives to the camp, or sells them to make a profit to contribute towards her learning. She has a reputation for being fearless in battle, and will not think twice about killing or capturing unbelievers.
Once she learnt how to read, she stole often into the city to the library, and more dangerously, the Magi tower. She began spending less time out in the desert and more behind a desk. Her increasing disillusionment with the Bedouin and her growing enthusiasm for the Mystics and Sufis finally led to her leaving the camp, and finding a new home amongst the Magi alchemists. Using living and undead subjects alike, she explores the limits of human capacity.
She hopes one day to return to her tribe, with the knowledge and power to bring them in the right direction.

*Hafaz ("Guardian", male; Hafiz) is a term given to muslims who have completely memorized the Qur'an.

N.B.: Female Imams are not uncommon in the Middle East, this profile is realistic. IM me for more information on Islam, Arabic or Bedouin tradition.

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