Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Djinn Leader: Nakira Tennen

Nakira - as the only candidate - has been automatically nominated as Djinn Leader. Congratulations Nakira!


Ookami said...

Congratulations Nakira!

Anonymous said...

The Djinn are an independent and solitary race of beings, telling them that they need a leader results in exactly what you saw. While I fail to fathom what the humans think they are going to get by declaring a single djinn as leader. . .good luck Nakira

Nakira said...

Thank you! I do not hope to accomplish the impossible. Each Djinn must follow what is in his or her own heart. However, I would like to use this position as an opportunity to open communication between the djinn and the mortals. I see myself as an ambassador of sorts. I do not think the humans fully understand the nature of the djinn. On the other hand, some of our secrets are best kept that way.