Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ribbon Liebster - Prey / Slave

Name: Ribbon Liebster

Age: Eighteen Autumns

Group: Prey. Human. Slavegirl.

Brief background story of character:
Born on a full moon eighteen autums past, Ribbon has been an orphan since the tender age of 10. She has been runing around the sandy dunes trying to keep herself safe before she was targeted for capture. She is currently kept imprisoned in the catacombs by the undead zombie Zander Markus.

Of course, her crimson locks did not help keep her hidden as her looks are more rare and exotic than any desert wildflower. Much of her character is shrouded in mystery: Stories are told that she may be the spawn of a cursed djinn sent to live a human existence hence her sunrise-coloured eyes. She has many orgasmic nightmares where she is prone to lapsing in demon tongue. She has no recollection of these dreams. Little does she know that her powers as a seer will increase when her viriginity is taken away for then the evil inside her will be unleashed fully. Once she is able to tap into her powers, she will be a dangerous force to be reckoned with as there are also rumours that she is a direct descendant of Lilith.

Ribbon is plagued by the recurring vision of her father being taken away from her and executed for having been found of treason and the numerous rapes of mortal women, including that of her missing mother. It is said that he may have killed her mother in an act of jealous rage.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Ribbon is biting, caustic and fiery. Her sharp tongue is rivaled only by her skills with the blade. She is a very agile runner and is capable of charming snakes, scorpions and wild beasts. She can understand many languages even tho she cannot speak it. She is very complex and hides herself under many layers giving rise to the the nickname Cassandra Κασσάνδρα 'she who entangles men.'

On the full moon of her nineteenth birtday she is slated to unlock her full range of telepathic abilities. During her capture, Zander buried her to choke her warm living body in the sand and a scorpion bit her quivering inner thigh and then crawled up to her breast and embedded itself in her body thereby giving her the ability to heal any poison in herself and others (Though she is NOT aware of this gift yet).

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