Sunday, June 1, 2008

Daniella Oldrich (Dani) - Minstrel / Prey

IC name: Dani, though her real name is unknown

SL name: Daniella Oldrich

IC Age: 19

The hot sun beems overhead as she lefts a slender arm to wipe the sweat from her brow. Slavers? She'd been travelling with slavers. She had to be more careful. Her blue eyes survey the desert anxiously, her ears perking as she listens for sounds in the distance. Nothing. She sighs heavily her thoughts escaping her as she collapses on the stone floor of what she thought of now as her sanctuary. The city wasn't too far off, she had time to rest.

She was a joker of sorts, at least, that was the nice way to put it. She is a beautiful face with darkness hidden deep in those bright blue eyes, and sticky fingers behind her soft touch. She stolen from the slavers, as she had from all those who'd been nice enough to help the young minstrel. She'd weave wonderous stories for them at night, all the was up until that final night. She'd sneak out from the tent they'd be nice enough to build for her, and rob them of food and anything of value that was not too risky. Is it wrong? She shrugged as she laid there, the girl never had family, they'd given her up a very long time ago, or so she'd been told. The girl had been raised by a rugged man, from far, very far, north he'd told her. A small smile played on her lips, he'd been the first pale faced man she'd met that had been nice, civil even.

She learned everything she knew from him, right down to charming the pants off of a man. She smirked now, sitting up and letting her gaze fall on the city, Ireem. The possibilities were endless for this twice orphaned child, almost as endless as her lies.


Dani, as she likes to be called now, can be quite kind and generous, but equally as greedy: an oppotunist to the fullest. Behind her kind eyes and warm smile is a coldness that only a few can pick up on.

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