Monday, June 9, 2008

Yukie Yoshikawa - Djinn

Name: Yukie Yoshikawa

Age: Unknown in human standards

Your group: Djinn/Trouble maker

Brief background story of your character:

It isn't known wether this mischievious trouble maker was ever ranked within the Djinn social standards. She rarely speaks and usually gets into more trouble than she causes as most of her pranks backfire. Unable to cast any serious or influential magics due to the restraints placed on her by the higher order of Djinn she wanders around curious of the surroundings of the mortal relms.

Occassionally displaying her temper when her pranks backfire in the form of threatening weather changes she is unable to actually use her magic to have any affect. Smoke and mirrors is this Djinni's capabilities as her powers are restrained by the shackles she wears.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Constantly curious yet at the same time disinterested. Likely found to be wandering around aimlessly until something catches her attention. Rarely though will anything hold her attention for long though. She's fast and evasive although unable to produce any real magic she's found most likely to fall prey more to her own pranks backfiring than anyone else being caught by them.

Often and easily distracted by whim and whimsey it would also seem that there is one type of interaction that does overwhelm her and hold her attention, even if for a temporary period of time.

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