Monday, June 16, 2008

Elizabeth Sinn - Knight

SL Name: Elizabeth Sinn (SilentSinn Hiess)

Role: Knight

Elizabeth Sinn -- a young English girl lost in the Kingdom of Sand, far from family and home. The daughter of one of Lionheart's Crusaders, she was stolen by Saracen raiders and traded to slavers who intended to sell her in the market of the Kingdom of Sand. The night before the slave ship arrived at Slaver's Bay a great storm arose and the ship was broken on a reef. Elizabeth reached shore, apparently the only survivor, and made her way to Ireem, where she found herself the prey of Bedouins and slavers alike. Though captured a few times, she refused to submit, and came to enjoy outrunning -- and taunting -- the desert scum who pursued her. Within Ireem she danced for dinars, hoping someday to pay for passage home ....assuming anything besides slaveships docked in the bay.

One day, while she danced, she noticed an old man in a tattered cloak watching her intently. Bold as always, she approached him, only to learn that he had once been a knight of the city, in love with a knightrix who was captured, tortured and murdered by Bedouins. Handing Elizabeth a heavy bundle, the old man bade the English girl to learn the art of the sword and become a knight, for in her, he said, he saw the same spirit that had inhabited his lost love. Now Elizabeth serves beside her friends, the valiant knights of Ireem .... while occasionally roaming the desert to tease and taunt her mortal enemies, the Bedouins and slavers.

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